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The Roamer-6 emergency breathing mask, also known as the Roamer-6 breath mask, was a model of breath mask produced by Gandorthral Atmospherics.


Smuggler Han Solo, wearing a Roamer-6 breath mask

The Gandorthral Atmospherics Roamer-6 emergency breathing mask was an inexpensive portable device that could filter and purify air of dangerous gases, contaminants or debris. The breath mask had an adjustable strap that could be adjusted to fit on the user's head, covering their mouth and nose. The breath mask came with a built in comlink. A flexible tube connected the mask to a small portable cylinder that cleaned and purified the air, allowing the user to breathe in various environments. The device worked by using small scrubbers to filter out microscopic contaminants that cold be harmful to the user. Despite it's effectiveness at purifying the air, the breath mask could not protect the user from the vacuum of space or corrosive atmospheres. The Roamer-6 breath mask was standard issue on most starships and escape pods.[1]


Galactic Civil War[]

Smuggler and Rebel Alliance member Han Solo carried several Roamer-6 breath masks aboard the Millennium Falcon during the time of the Galactic Empire.[1] Han and his crew donned the masks while exploring the inside of an Exogorth.[2]

First Order–Resistance war[]

After Rey and Finn stole the Millennium Falcon from Unkar Plutt, they were captured by the Eravana. Believing they were caught by First Order forces, the two strapped on Roamer-6 breath masks and prepared to release a poisonous gas to deter their captors.[3]


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