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Roan Lands was a young Human male who was the partner of the former Jedi Ferus Olin. They founded the business Olin and Lands, and started the resistance group The Eleven to oppose the Galactic Empire. Olin's former rival, the Jedi-turned-Sith-Lord Darth Vader, killed Lands to provoke Olin.


Roan Lands was a Human male who met Ferus Olin shortly after Olin left the Jedi Order. They soon became partners as well as friends. Lands sold all of his possessions to finance the former Jedi's idea for a business, Olin and Lands, in which the two of them would protect people who exposed corruption and dishonesty in various big businesses.[1] On one occasion that Olin would later remember as the best day of his life, they visited the planet Tati and swam together in a waterfall-fed natural pool.[4]

Shortly following the institution of the Galactic Empire, Lands and Olin started a resistance group called The Eleven. Knowing the consequences of rebellion, the partners made a pact not to find each other should one of them be captured or imprisoned. Along with the Eleven, they started a massive uprising on Bellassa following the Imperial ousting of the Bellassan monarch. However, they were no match for the power of the Empire, and most of them were either killed or jailed. While Olin managed to escape, Lands was put into an Imperial detention facility on Bellassa and tortured heavily with a series of numerous neurotoxins.[1]

During his search to find Olin, Obi-Wan Kenobi encountered Lands who was numbed to the point of near death by the neurotoxins. Amie Antin, a doctor and newly-joined member of the Eleven, tried her best to cure Lands using spectacillin to cure the apparent infection and gas binders to rid his blood of the leftover toxins, but nothing worked. Kenobi infiltrated the Imperial Garrison to find out what toxins had been used on Lands and discovered that it was a mixture of neurotoxins consisting of Loquasin and Titroxinate, then Skirtopanol on the final day, listed for use under "Persuasion Techniques." After he was cured, Lands gave Kenobi clues as to where to find Olin.[1]

A few weeks later, free from the Imperials, Lands reunited with Olin at the Nixor Spaceport and provided him with prefab shelters, food, and supplies to start an asteroid sanctuary for the survivors of the Great Jedi Purge.

Lands later went back to Bellassa and was arrested along with Dona Telamark by the Empire on charges of conspiracy against the government of Bellassa and plotting to assassinate the Bellassan Imperial Advisor. The two prisoners were held aboard the True Justice, a ship owned by Senator Sano Sauro, in an effort to coerce Olin to work for the Empire. Scheduled for a speedy trial by Judge Bellican, Attorney Tomay Alcorn, and law clerk Sam Weller, the duo was unexpectedly set free when Solace, Oryon, and Trever Flume, impersonating the Imperial judicial team, hijacked the retrofitted YT-series Corellian transport.

Lands and The Eleven continued to resist the Empire on Bellassa. When Roan's former partner showed up on the Empire's side, the whole city of Ussa was demoralized. The Eleven knew that Olin was a double agent, but many Bellassans did not, so Lands used a signal to communicate to Olin to meet him. Olin told Lands that the Eleven could have 15 minutes to hit an Imperial factory for information. The three-person team was decided to be Lands, Flume, and Amie Antin. Everything went as planned until they stumbled across Darth Vader himself. Olin arrived shortly, but Vader struck down Lands to provoke Olin. With his last breath, Olin and Lands shared their own private farewell.

Behind the scenes[]

Author Jude Watson, who created Roan Lands and Ferus Olin, addressed via Twitter that she envisioned the pair as mutually in love and married.[5]



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