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Robann Potannin was a male Humanoid who served as a Soldier in the Senate Security during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the resurgent Sith Empire. Potannin was the leader of a six-soldier unit assigned to protect Ula Vii, who had been appointed envoy to a Hutt Cartel. He was killed when he was shot in the eye by a hex droid during the skirmish in Tassaa Bareesh's palace.


After the Messenger Vii had retired to his room on Nal Hutta, Potannin informed him that he had received invitations from various people in the palace. When Vii met with Jet Nebula in a cantina, Potannin and his squad were stunned by the Mandalorian Dao Stryver who was here to capture Nebula. Eventually, Potannin and his squad were carried by soldiers and palace guards in Tassaa Bareesh's palace. When Larin Moxla and Jedi Knight Shigar Konshi stormed in the palace and killed the Houk guards, Potannin regained consciousness and told them what had happened after Stryver escaped. Near the main vault, Robann and his squad witnessed Konshi dueling Eldon Ax. Before they could support the Jedi, they were ambushed hex droids that climbed from the main vault. Potannin and his squad armed themselves with sniper rifles to take the well-armored droids under fire, but the sergeant was hit by a stray bullet in the eye and died.

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