"You're all gonna study this. You're all gonna learn from it. This book? It's filled with art. The art of cooking. So learn it and live it. I expect you all to honor old Robbs's memory."
―Strono Tuggs[src]

Robbs Ely was a male Volpai who served as a sous chef under Strono Tuggs in Takodana Castle. He cooked meals through his own recipes, causing tension between him and Tuggs. After a fight between the two chefs, Ely was murdered by Carly and J'Nell, BD-3000 luxury droids who viewed his meals as potentially hazardous, and they framed Tuggs as the killer. Tuggs discovered the truth, and he honored his former sous chef by producing copies of Ely's cookbook and instructing his staff to learn its contents. Tuggs also uploaded the recipes to the Orto Culinary Academy, believing that Ely would be remembered alongside great chefs such as Jlibbous and Gormaanda.[2] By 5 ABY, a shrine in memory of Ely stood near Maz Kanata's castle. Ely's name was engraved in the shrine and was written in an ancient script.[3]



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