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Jedi wore robes under cloaks

Robes, also known as cowls, were loose-fitting clothes with sleeves. The Jedi and Sith both often wore robes beneath a cloak, and the Jedi had their own particular style of robes. Darth Sidious wore a hooded zeyd cloth robe,[1] while Darth Vader and the Imperial Guard wore robes with armor.[2] Jawas wore robes with a hooded cowl.[3] Folding one's hands in front of them, such that they were obscured by their robes, was considered the most formal way one Jedi could address another.[4]

Part of traditional Gatalentan attire including scarlet robes which was the only colourful part of the attire as the Gatalentan people were known for living austerely and wearing only pale grey or white clothing.[5]

Leia Organa often wore the simple, white robes of a princess, which helped to keep her enemies off guard.[6] She also had a blue robe that she wore[5] in 3 BBY[7] when sneaking around the Royal Palace of Alderaan to find out more information on the growing rebellion by looking through the royal accounts. Her adoptive father, Bail, owned a dark green robe that had become almost shabby over time.[5]

During the High Republic Era, civilian robes were common for noncombatants who participated in Jedi missions.[8] In 132 BBY,[9] the human Verosha Aniseya "Osha" and the Tynnan Bazil both wore civilian robes while on the mission to Khofar. Although Osha was originally reluctant to wear the robe, she eventually donned the outfit.[8]

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