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Z-95 Headhunter

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A robolobotomized battle droid reveals information.

"Maybe this tactical droid will tell us how they knew our plan."
Clone Captain CT-7567, preparing to perform a robolobotomy on TJ-55's captured cranial unit[src]

A robolobotomy was a computer procedure performed on a droid's cranial unit to extract data from its data bank.


"We did a robolobotomy on the battle droids and came up with this piece of memory."
Gregar Typho, accessing a holorecording of Dr. Nuvo Vindi[src]

Robolobotomy was used on the T-series tactical droid TJ-55 on Christophsis to gather more information about stolen intelligence, but was unsuccessful.[1] Gregar Typho also performed the procedure on a B1 battle droid to gain information on Dr. Nuvo Vindi and his Blue Shadow Virus bombs.[2]



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