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Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II was a Star Wars-themed special of the show Robot Chicken that aired on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim on November 16, 2008. It was the sequel to Robot Chicken: Star Wars following its great popularity. It featured the voices of Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams, and Ahmed Best.

Sketches[edit | edit source]

  1. Boba Fett slaughters Ewoks after the destruction of the second Death Star, and then gets passionate with Leia Organa in her slave dancer attire. This sequence is then revealed to be the Nerd's own fantasy, with the Nerd describing it as "the most awesome thing that ever happened in the history of ever."
  2. Palpatine goes to get a haircut. (His hairstyle resembles that of the mad scientist in the opening to Robot Chicken.) Alfonso, the Ithorian barber, offers emotional support, and an idea for catching Han Solo and Leia.
  3. The Geonosian Arena from Episode II is advertised like a monster truck rally TV commercial, with the monsters being depicted as athletes and heroes going up against the "force mad" Jedi.
  4. Luke is depressed over Ben Kenobi's recent death. Leia points out that while he met Ben only a short time ago, she just lost her entire family as well as billions of her people.
  5. A stormtrooper is forced to take part in "Take Your Daughter to Work Day," bringing his little girl along during the attack on the Tantive IV, and later to Tatooine where he ends up snapping at his daughter and then runs off after his crying daughter to apologize.
  6. The droid that Vader uses to torture Leia is "Dr. Ball, M.D.," who has his own 70s-style medical drama series.
  7. Admiral Ackbar listens to auditions for a theme song for Admiral Ackbar Fish Sticks, but the Bith group is shot down.
  8. A stormtrooper tearfully demands an explanation for why Leia killed his comrade, when they were just going to stun her.
  9. Mouse droids are actually piloted by mice.
  10. Anakin has doubts about slaughtering Jedi younglings, but overcomes them by going to his "happy place," a fantasy about the grass and flower fields on Naboo. This later deeply disturbs Padmé when he decides to bring home some "freshly cut flowers".
  11. Just before the start of the Battle of Hoth, two AT-ATs jump out of line to have a drag race, thus resulting in a disastrous ending to the entire mission.
  12. A krayt dragon questions the logic of planets being defined by one geological or environmental feature and optimistically plans to explore Tatooine for something besides desert. One week later, C-3PO comes across his skeleton.
  13. Palpatine contacts Vader via hologram and angrily tells him to stop ramming ships into asteroids. He then orders a classified ad for bounty hunters and generally insults his apprentice as well as flipping the bird at him at one point.
  14. Jar Jar Binks is the celebrity spokesperson in a Geico-like commercial, but is too hysterical for the commercial to work.
  15. When discussing the capture of the Millennium Falcon and its crew with the bounty hunters, Bossk wonders why he is the only one polite enough to take off his shoes; Vader tries to figure out if the motionless IG-88 is actually paying attention; and Dengar makes the mistake of saying he wants to "disintegrate" Han Solo instead of just capturing him, which prompts Darth Vader's clarification "no disintegrations".
  16. Lando admires the Slave I, but has doubts about the name.
  17. Han, Chewie, and Leia have a meal with Vader. Han and Boba wordlessly taunt each other, and Vader rubs the destruction of Alderaan in Leia's face. (Reused from the episode Moesha Poppins)
  18. Attorney Bob Goldstein is ready to represent those who have been injured by lightsaber-wielding Jedi. The commercial features testimonials from past clients: the Wampa Luke encountered, Ponda Baba after his encounter with Obi-Wan in the cantina, and Darth Maul.
  19. Han knew that Leia loved him, but never knew what Chewie had to say to him.
  20. Vader alters his deal with Lando further. And further, and further, and further.
  21. When Vader offers Luke to rule as father and son, Luke strongly considers (involving a fantasy about fishing, shaving, speed-biking, and having a father-son dance-off against Boba and Jango) and is about to accept but accidentally falls.
  22. A real estate agent sees Luke fall through a window, but tries to cover it up by talking about how low-price the apartment is. But after a quick check of the apartment (thereby inadvertently contributing further to Luke's troubles), the customer concludes that "Cloud City" is better described as "Crap City".
  23. Mon Mothma asks for a Calamari meal, unaware that she's sitting at the same table that Admiral Ackbar is sitting at.
  24. Boba Fett recounts a very different tale to Queequeg on how he fell into the Sarlacc, claiming he killed Chewbacca, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and 67 out of the 80 Jedi that were summoned by Jabba, before finally being surrounded by the "remaining 20". Rather than being killed by the Jedi, he jumped into the pit, and left the Jedi a Thermal detonator as a "party favor", ostensibly killing them.
  25. After a hellish journey to the second Death Star, Emperor Palpatine is mocked by a suitcase, is disappointed with the view from his throne, and discovers that the throne is underneath a very noisy vent. One hour after declaring that his day couldn't possibly get any worse, he is thrown in the reactor-shaft by Darth Vader.
  26. In post-credits, two imperial officers question the logic of the fact that they have instantly "lost" because the Rebels destroyed the second Death Star and killed the Emperor despite the fact that they still control untold numbers of ships and countless worlds.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

In the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition, defeating Boba Fett will earn the player an trophy/achievement called "And The Quarterback Is Toast," referring to the opening skit, specifically what Boba Fett said shortly after blowing up an Ewok with a heat-seeking missile, and in itself is a reference to Die Hard.

The name Dr. Ball is later reused for a character in Star Wars Rebels that was also a IT-O interrogator droid.

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