Rock dragons or Dathomiri rock dragons were reptiles native to the planet Dathomir which possessed rough mottled skin which acted as natural camouflage, allowing them to blend in with their surroundings. Being reptiles, the rock dragons were egg layers and cold blooded, which required them to nest around their eggs to keep them warm. Their diet consisted of insects and plants but, when threatened, they could inject a powerful poison from their stinger to protect themselves. This poison was strong enough to kill a fully grown rancor. The tiny creatures were underestimated for their tiny, and fragile appearance, however they were very deadly.

Tenel Ka Djo named her private spaceship from Hapes the Rock Dragon. She reasoned that because ships on Hapes were often called "dragon", and as she had seen a rock dragon on Dathomir as a child, that name would be a testament to both her heritages.

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