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Cad Bane using his rocket boots while also firing his flamethrower

Rocket boots were a form of rocket propulsion system affixed to a pair of boots instead of being worn on the back like a standard jetpack.[1]

Able to turn a leap into extended flight, rocket boots offered tremendous tactical versatility - enabling an individual to take flight on a whim, without being as bulky or obvious as a jetpack.[1] The convenience of their smaller size came at a price, however, as the boots could not be operated for extended periods due to their limited cooling capacity - while simultaneously suffering from slightly diminished fuel capacity.[1] Additionally, as they were worn further from a user's center of gravity, they were much more difficult to control.[1]

Cad Bane, a bounty hunter in operation during the Clone Wars, owned a pair of rocket boots equipped with Mitrinomon jetpack thrusters and made use of them on many occasions.

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