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Zandraman DSP-5 rocket pack

Rocket packs were a popular type of personal travel devices used during the Old Republic era. They contained internal chemical fuel that was not dependent on outside air to create thrust. The devices could thus operate in zero, low or high atmosphere situations. However, the chemical fuel was highly dangerous, stray shots were known to ignite rocket packs and cause them to explode.

They differed from later model jetpacks in a variety of ways, most notably in terms of safety. However, they still saw extended use in later eras due to their ability to operate in space and generally faster speeds, even though they were still heavier and noisier than jetpacks.

Rocket packs were most well known for being employed by the Rocket-Jumper Elite Advance Unit, who used the Zim Systems ROCKET personal rocket pack.

Another type of rocket pack was used by rocket battle droids during the Clone Wars.


Rocket battle droid

Rocket battle droid


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