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Rocket packs were an aerial personal transportation device used across the the galaxy that differed technologically from jet packs.[1]


Unlike jet packs, rocket packs were self-contained units that provided instant directed thrust from a regulated mixture of combustible chemicals.[1] As such, rocket packs were able to operate in zero, low, or high atmospheres due to internally containing all necessary thrust components; rocket packs provided a better "all-environment" flight capability as a result when compared to jet packs, as the latter required atmosphere to operate.[1]

Though faster than jet packs, rocket packs were often heavier and louder in operation.[1] Additionally, rocket packs lacked the stamina that jet packs had in terms of distance and range; due to size and weight restrictions, the fuels used in rocket packs were rapid-burning, limiting overall flight duration.[1] Rocket packs were also considerably dangerous - because rocket packs made use of large amounts of highly combustible elements, it posed a serious explosive risk if the pack was ruptured or otherwise damaged.[1]

Rocket packs were most well known for being employed by the Rocket-Jumper Elite Advance Unit, who used the Zim Systems ROCKET personal rocket pack. Another type of rocket pack was used by rocket battle droids during the Clone Wars.


Rocket battle droid


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