The rockhopper was a bipedal riding animal.


Rockhoppers were believed to be a genetic cousin of the Cracian thumper, which had evolved from transplanted flocks from their homeworld. They had a horse-like face and mane, short forelimbs, and a long, thick tail to maintain balance.[1] Rockhoppers lacked the claws of their Cracian ancestors, but had very strong jaws filled with sharp teeth.[3]

They were most commonly found on Roon, although specimens of them could also be found on the world of Biitu in the Outer Rim.[3]



Mungo Baobab's animal on Biitu.

Rockhoppers were used as domesticated riding animals for personal transport as well as sporting events. They were ridden in the Drainsweeper event of the Roon Colonial Games on Roon.[1]

On Biitu, they were used as riding animals.[2]

Adam Swiftgale, a pilot for the Alliance to Restore the Republic, was a rockhopper jockey.[4]

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Their appearance was similar to that of Cracian thumpers, perhaps suggesting a common descent. This was confirmed in The Unknown Regions, where it was stated that the Rockhopper was believed to be a genetic cousin of the Cracian thumper.



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