This article is about the asteroid tug. You may be looking for the Imperial call sign "Rock Hound".

The Rockhound was a BramDorc Corporation Colossus I Beta Series asteroid tug owned by Lando Calrissian.


There was record of its existence from as far back as 524 BBY. Calrissian won the ship from a Brubb prospector in a six-hour arm wrestling match. The Rockhound was maintained by an all-droid crew. In 44 ABY, Luke Skywalker contacted Calrissian to request help in naviagting the Maw for his upcoming mission with his Sith allies, and Calrissian agreed. He spent the next two weeks renovating and updating the Rockhound, before traveling to Klatooine and then meeting up with the Sith and Jedi just outside the Maw. The Rockhound used its tractor beams to protect the small fleet of ships. They arrived at their first stop in the Maw, Sinkhole Station, only to find that it had been destroyed. Two of the Sith ChaseMaster frigates flew into the debris field, and the Rockhound attempted to pull them back, successfully stopping one. The other frigate, however, was going too fast, and was obliterated when it crashed into the debris. After completing the mission, Skywalker sent the Rockhound, with Calrissian and Jedi Knight Jaina Solo aboard, to report back to Coruscant, however it had been infiltrated by a droid with an impostor protocol, which gave out false orders to the other droids aboard the ship in Calrissian's voice.


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