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Luke Skywalker hunts rodent womp rats on Tatooine

"Unfortunate to lose such a fine officer. But the weak will die off to make room for the strong. It is the way of the universe. Farewell, little rodent."
Moff Kohl Seerdon speaks to the defected Kasan Moor at the Blockade on Chandrila[1]

Rodents were a type of animals, characterized with long sharp incisors in their mouths. The most well-known species of non-sentient rodents were womp rats, armored rats, roduses, borrats, vrelts, scurriers, ollopoms and many others. The sentient rodents included such species as Chadra-Fans, Ranats and Jawas.

M'iiyoom were known to feed on the rodents native to H'nemthe.

Members of the Lepi species were at times pejoratively identified with rodents, when in fact they were a species of sentient rabbits.[2]


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