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One of Rodent's wheels tries to escape.

"Rodent" was a rogue MSE-series mouse droid stationed at the Galactic Republic listening post on Pastil during the Clone Wars. When Commander Cody and Captain Rex noticed the odd cleaning habits of "Rodent" during an inspection of the station, Rex issued a Code Aurek alert, and the droid was hunted down. A blaster shot from Rex blew the droid into multiple pieces, whereupon the droid's wheels rolled off independently in an attempt to escape. The first three wheels were each eliminated, before a clone trooper destroyed the final wheel with a thermal detonator as it tried to disappear down a vent.

Behind the scenesEdit

"Rodent" was created by author Pablo Hidalgo and artist Thomas Hodges for the fifth online The Clone Wars comic, The Clone Wars: Mouse Hunt. Although the story never explicitly states that "Rodent" is a spy, the comic's cover description reads, "Rex and Cody root out a spy in Mouse Hunt!"


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