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A Rodian dramatist

Rodian Theater or Rodian drama was a style of theater developed by the Rodians. Grand Protector Harido Kavila was responsible for the creation of this particular theatrical style, and was often credited with saving the Rodian species from their own extinction. Rodians were very violent, and Kavila's staged fights gave the Rodians a cathartic outlet for their aggressive tendencies. Originally, the drama was little more than choreographed fight scenes, but soon the dramatists began to write stories, expanding beyond the mindless violence. This eventually grew to become one of the most-renowned, albeit the most violent, forms of theater in the galaxy.


Rodian Theater was a form of the performing arts first developed early in the Rodian history by the Grand Protector of that era, Harido Kavila. The constant gladiatorial combat of the violent Rodians was threatening to bring the species to extinction. A stroke of brilliance on his part, Kavila created the drama as a sort of release for his people's aggressive tendencies. Theater allowed the Rodians to act out their aggression and combative urges without inflicting harm upon one another and the species took to it quite readily. The plays were cathartic to the audience as well, offering the same release without active participation.[1][2]

The Rodians' dramatic efforts developed gradually; their early works were little more than staged fights. However, the dramatists and playwrights quickly realized that the effects of the drama would be magnified if the battles and skirmishes were presented as elements in a larger, greater story. The stories grew in complexity and became as good as the choreographed violence. Rodian theater became highly regarded throughout the Galaxy as one of the most poignant—and incredibly violent—forms of drama. The motivations and situations presented in the plays provoked strong emotional responses in the audience. Although often extremely graphic, the effects depicted by the violence were realistic and most species—including Rodians, if the work is well-written—were struck by the moral impact.[1][2]

Rodian dramatic performances usually followed a specific format, presenting the story first and allowing the plot to segue into the typical graphic violence in the later acts of the play. The fights were often intense and horrific, marked by bloody dismemberment and decapitations. The plays were not without their comedic content, however it was often culturally-specific and most species found Rodian humor to be blatant and even irritating. Hishinu Booj's production, The Trickery of Vosdia Nooma, which debut shortly before the Clone Wars, was typical of Rodian Theater.[3]



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