"It's a common Rodian kelp gnat, raised on growth enzymes and kept alive and growing for a year instead of the day of its natural life span. Zubindi could keep them going for five years, turn them into a whole different life form! They'd sing and whistle and move around on little tentacles they developed toward the end of that last year of life."
―Beldorion tells Leia Organa of Zubindi Ebusk's work on kelp gnats[src]

Rodian kelp gnats were a species of non-sentient insect from the planet Rodia. Naturally they lived for only twenty-four hours, however the Kubaz chef Zubindi Ebsuk could keep a member of the species alive for up to five years using growth enzymes, which caused many changes to the gnats. Those with extended lives could sing and whistle and in the fifth year of their life they developed tentacles with which they could move around on. In 13 ABY, the Hutt Jedi Knight Beldorion served a gnat that Ebsuk had raised for a year to the Human diplomat Leia Organa Solo after he captured her on the planet Nam Chorios. The gnat was blue and cherry-like in appearance when it was served and both the Hutt and Organa enjoyed it immensely due to the fact it was sweet, meaty, juicy, and subtly chambered.[1]

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Rodian kelp gnats first appeared in Planet of Twilight, a novel written by Barbara Hambly and released in 1997.

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