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The Rodian scavengers’ camp was a base on Raxus Prime that belonged to the Rodian Salvager’s Cartel. It was owned by Drexl Roosh until its destruction in 3 BBY. It had a shield generator.


Death of Kazdan ParatusEdit

On Raxus Prime, Galen Marek, on his mission to kill Jedi Master Kazdan Paratus, enters the camp and wipes out all Jawas, Rodian Rippers, and Heavy Defenders in it. Marek also destroys the scavenger camp’s shield generator, which allows him to continue through to the junk chasm, into Paratus’ territory.


The camp was accessible by a bridge made out of junk from the surrounding area. The bridge and the plaza on the other side of it were manned by Rodian Rippers and Rodian Heavy Defenders. The enteance to the camp was barred by metal gates, and a low, wide bridge led down to the main area of the camp.

The main area of the camp was dominated by a large metal platform, just high enough off the ground to allow a Human-sized creature to walk under it, and surrounded by sheer metal cliffs. There was a metal mound in the center of the platform, which had a canopy above it supported by metal pillars. Scattered around the camp were a number of crude metal barricades, built for defence against Kazdan Paratus’ droid army. This area was protected by the aforementioned Rippers and Heavy Defenders, but also by Jawa scavengers. Furthermore there was another section of the camp, protected by a shield generator. There was also a loading elevator, which led down underneath the camp.


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