"We should attack from this alley. Do we get them before or after they meet?"
―Rodick Tag.[src]

Rodick Tag was an Iotran Braceman who later became a bounty hunter working for the Granse Confederacy.


Rodick Tag began his career as an Iotran Braceman, a policeman of sorts on his native Iotra. He tracked government fugitives and, during the course of a hunt, incurred some "collateral damage," injuring innocent bystanders in the process. Many of the people he "accidentally" injured included Rebel Alliance operatives and contacts.[1]

Once his service as a Braceman was finished, Tag realized that he would not be content to live off the subsequent allowance by itself. He decided to work as a part-time bounty hunter, beginning by taking contracts for Moff Garret Callron of the Clacis sector. He worked for some time in that capacity and then began working for the Hutts.[1]

While leaving Hutt Space, Tag met fellow bounty hunters Arcuse and Kiran Tatch, who had been blacklisted by the Hutts. Tag joined them simply to travel together. Soon afterward, Arcuse met Callandri, a professional assassin who was trying to form a bounty hunting team, specializing in Rebel captures. She convinced Arcuse that it would be a good team to join, and Tag and Tatch followed. Since then, Tag continued to work as a full-time bounty hunter for the Granse Confederacy.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Due to his training and constant exercise, Tag became very muscled even for an Iotran. He was also an expert marksbeing with hand blasters, preferring to use the BlasTech DL-44 heavy blaster pistol. His personal weapon was modified by Iotran Defense Technologies to increase power and add an auto-fire capability; he excelled as a marksbeing and in the required maintenance of the weapon. After leaving the Bracemen, he continued to wear his Braceman uniform, albeit minus the insignia and rank.[1]

Tag disliked from the very beginning the ideals of the Rebellion because he considered their acts to be little more then bringing conflict to society; nevertheless, he also disliked the Galactic Empire.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Rodick Tag was first described in the role-playing game book Alliance Intelligence Reports by West End Games. The book Ultimate Alien Anthology by Wizards of the Coast lists "Rodick Tag" as an example name for Iotran characters.


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