"We're having fun now, aren't we?"
―Rodo to Nova Stihl right before their death aboard the Death Star.[src]

Rodo was a male Ragithian Human Branded Aesthete and a former member of the Strikebirds who worked as a bouncer for Memah Roothes at the Soft Heart Cantina. Rodo was unusually soft spoken for someone of his profession, and was also a very skilled fighter, combining his large size with his large amount of martial arts experience to make himself a very effective bouncer. After the cantina burned down around 1 BBY, Rodo signed on with Roothes to work in an Imperial cantina at a military base. This new cantina, named the Hard Heart Cantina, was one of the first dining establishments opened on the first Death Star. Rodo's duties in the Hard Heart mainly involved removing the soldiers, workers, and other patrons who became violent after having too much to drink. Rodo met Sergeant Nova Stihl in the cantina after Stihl defeated a drunk patron in a short fight, and Rodo recognized Stihl as a martial arts expert. He later challenged Stihl to a sparring match, which proved to be a very short fight, as they both realized that they were evenly matched.

Disgusted with the Galactic Empire following the destruction of Alderaan, Rodo removed two soldiers who had insulted the event, even after one of them was attacked by an Alderaanian in the cantina. Rodo and Memah, along with Stihl, Teela Kaarz, Villian Dance, Celot Ratua Dil, and Atour Riten, decided to leave the Death Star. They attempted to escape the Death Star during the Battle of Yavin. A group of guards attempted to stop the escapees, but Rodo and Stihl managed to fight off the guards long enough for the others to escape in a commandeered medical shuttle. Before long, although the two managed to defeat several of the fifteen guards, the soldiers overwhelmed Rodo and Stihl. A stormtrooper shot Rodo through the back with a blaster, and another killed Stihl.



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