"This could be a difficult assignment, Lieutenant Roggo."
―Colonel Alva Brenne, to Roggo[src]

Roggo was a human male who served as a lieutenant in the Galactic Empire. Roggo was assigned to accompany Colonel and Chief Imperial Architect Alva Brenne on her trip to Mustafar. The colonel had been assigned to design a fortress for Darth Vader on the planet. During the voyage, the two imperials encountered the mask of the ancient Sith Lord Momin aboard the ship. On Mustafar, the spirit of Momin within the mask took possession of Roggo body, forcing him to kill Colonel Brene. Darth Vader killed Roggo in retaliation, freeing him of Momin's control.


"You know his reputation?"
"Of course. Everyoe does. I was there when he killed those five officers. He's...very intimidating."
―Colonel Alva Brenne and Roggo discussing Darth Vader's reputation[src]
Rule of Five 2 officers choked

Roggo witnessed first hand the might of Darth Vader after he used the force to choke his would be assassins to death.

Lieutenant Roggo was a human male who served in the Galactic Empire during the reign of the Empire.[2] Shortly after the assassination attempt on Darth Vader, Roggo was summoned alongside other Imperial Officers to the Coruscant auditorium. There Roggo witnessed as Lord Vader used the Force to choke his would be assassins to death. Roggo later recounted this tale to Chief Imperial Architect Alva Brenne[2]

Assisting the ColonelEdit

"This could be a difficult assignment, Lieutenant Roggo. Nevertheless, a great artisan can get the client what he wants even when the client has no idea what he wants. Especially then."
"Of course, colonel. I'm sure you will build him something wonderful."
―Colonel Alva Brenne and Lieutenant Roggo, en route to Mustafar[src]

Sometime after the Rogue Inquisitor chase on Coruscant, Roggo was assigned to assist Imperial architect Alva Brenne in designing a fortress for Darth Vader. Brenne had been personally selected by Emperor Palpatine to accompany Darth Vader on a voyage to volcanic planet Mustafar.[2]


Roggo, upon discovering the ship's shields had been disabled while en route to Mustafar to design Vader a new base.

During the trip to Mustafar, Roggo and Brenne had taken notice of a mask Lord Vader had brought along. The two imperials were unaware that the mask had belonged to the ancient Sith Lord Momin, and that his spirit still resided within the piece.[2]

Upon entering Mustafar's atmosphere, Roggo and Brenne were shocked to find Vader had purposely disabled their starship's deflector shields. The overwhelming heat burned the J-type 327 Nubian starship's exterior into a molten crisp. The ship had landed on the Gahenn Plains, near a Sith cave Vader would frequent. Roggo assisted Brenne by bringing her tea while she worked, and the two also observed Mustafar's natural landscape.[2]

Possession and DeathEdit

"Looks like we're starting over, Roggo. We have officially entered the Brandy phase of the..."
"... project."
―Colonel Brenne, shortly before being murdered by the possessed Roggo[src]

After murdering Colonel Brenne, Roggo, under the possession of Momin, was killed by Darth Vader.

With the first designs for Vader's fortress finished, Brenne ventured out of the starship and into the Sith Cave to present the the completed schematics to the Dark Lord. While Brenne was gone, Roggo found himself under the possession of the deceased Lord Momin. With the Mask of Momin on his head, Momin was able to take control of Roggo's body. When Brenne returned to the ship, Roggo, now Momin, shot Brenne in the chest, killing her. Momin then began to work on his own design for a fortress, using Roggo's body as his conduit.[2]

After discovering Brenne's corpse, Lord Vader rushed into the ship to confront the Colonel's murderer. Without hesitation Vader cut lieutenant Roggo down with his lightsaber. Roggo was killed, but Momin's spirit remained unscathed within his mask.[2]


"What are you?"
"I am Momin. And everything I did was guided by one simple principle."
―Darth Vader to Momin, the spirit that possessed Roggo.[src]

With the death of Roggo, Momin could not continue his work designing his fortress. Communing through the Force, Darth Vader and Lord Momin agreed to work together to further their goals.[3] Vader allowed Momin continue his work on what would become Fortress Vader. A Mustafarian native, and several humans were used as hosts for Momin.[4]

Personality and traitsEdit

Roggo was a human male with had light skin, light gray hair, and brown eyes.[2]


As Lieutenant in the Galactic Empire, Roggo wore the standard olive uniform, with a Rank insignia plaque consisting of 2 red squares over 2 blue. When Roggo was assistant to Colonel Alva Brenne on Mustafar he often carried a datapad.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Lieutenant Roggo was first introduced in Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith 21[2] which was released on September 12, 2018.[5]



Notes and referencesEdit

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