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"Rogoe had been secretly plotting to maken the Gungan cities fighten each other."
―Rugor Nass, chronicling the war between the Gungans — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

Rogoe was an Ankura Gungan male warlord who was the Boss of the city of Spearhead on the planet Naboo in 3000 BBY, during a period of constant war between the Gungan tribes. In that time, Rogoe became the manipulator of the hostilities; he used several methods to continue the conflict so he could oppress and enslave the smaller Gungan tribes while the larger ones were preoccupied with fighting one another. Eventually, he became concerned about Gallo, the Boss of the city of Otoh Sancture, who had refused to take part in any violence. Rogoe believed Gallo would be powerful enough to defeat Rogoe's forces were he to take a side, and so the warmonger ordered a tribe of carnivorous, half-wild bursas to destroy Gallo's Otoh Sancture. Gallo, however, was away from the city and survived to discover that Rogoe had massacred his people, causing Rogoe's rival to begin a campaign to unite the Gungan tribes against the warlord. After convincing the other cities to join him, Gallo led his Grand Army to Spearhead and fought Rogoe's minions. Rogoe remained in his fortress during the battle and was killed when Gallo's army destroyed it.



"With all the big towns at war, Rogoe was free to enslaven the smaller Gungan tribes."
―Rugor Nass[1]

Rogoe was a Gungan male of the Ankura lineage who was the Boss[1] of the ancient[3] city Spearhead on the planet Naboo[1] in the year 3000 BBY.[2] At that time, the Gungan tribes of Naboo were embroiled in a long period of war, and Rogoe eventually emerged as the most powerful warlord on Naboo.[4] Rogoe manipulated the war for his own ends, as he was determined for it to continue so that he could harass and enslave the smaller tribes while the bigger ones kept one another busy through warfare. One of Rogoe's strategies was to allow himself to fade into obscurity such that most Gungans believed he was dead or simply a myth, with those loyal to him among the few aware of his existence.[1]

To continue the war, Rogoe had his army of soldiers, militiagungs, use insidious[5] tactics to force the cities to keep training armies, such as kidnapping Boss Hoxie from the city of Otoh Raban and placing him in a prison camp. He also used the riches gained in the war to heavily fortify Spearhead, including the construction of an underwater fortress for himself in which to live.[1]

Rogoe's bursas destroy Otoh Sancture.

Rogoe eventually became concerned about Gallo, the Boss of the city of Otoh Sancture. Gallo had refused to join the war and fight other Gungans, as he saw it as being immoral to the Gungan deities, the Guds, but Rogoe believed that if Gallo changed his mind and took a side in the war, the Boss would be powerful enough to destroy Rogoe due to Otoh Sancture's resources. To ensure such an event would not happen, Rogoe ordered a clan of dangerous, half-wild bursas to destroy Otoh Sancture and kill Gallo. The city was demolished, but Gallo avoided slaughter, as he was away hunting nerfs[1] for the city's annual Sacred Feast.[6]

Downfall and death[]

"Yousa go tell yousa boss that Gallo is coming for him-sa!"
―Gallo to one of Rogoe's minions[1]

Mourning the loss of his settlement, Gallo wandered through the forests and eventually found one of Rogoe's militiagungs, who had been tasked with leading the bursas to Otoh Sancture.[4] The militiagung revealed Rogoe's machinations, and Gallo swore to avenge his people by destroying Rogoe and ending the war. The Boss began rebuilding his village and gained enough troops to destroy the bursas that had taken up residence in Otoh Sancture's ruins.[1]

Allied with the rogue Gungan Marsune, Gallo began his crusade to defeat Rogoe. His first move was to bring the Gungan tribes together, resolving the issues that Rogoe had created for each city and thus removing their justifications for continued fighting. Gallo's campaign included destroying one of Rogoe's spaceports to give its resources to the city of Otoh Jahai, and rescuing Boss Hoxie from Rogoe's prison camp. Soon Gallo had gained enough forces to form a Grand Army powerful enough to defeat Rogoe,[1] while the remaining holdouts against the united Gungans gathered in Spearhead.[3]

Gallo's army marches toward Spearhead, ready to defeat Rogoe.

Gallo led his army to Spearhead, ready to destroy Rogoe and bring peace to the Gungans. After gaining access to the bongo submarines manufactured by the Bongomeken Collective, allowing his forces to assault the underwater portion of the city, Gallo attacked Spearhead and fought Rogoe's army. After destroying most of the land-based areas of Rogoe's city, the Grand Army attacked the warlord's underwater keep. Rogoe jeered at the attackers, telling them that they would not be able to pass the energy shields protecting his fortress, but Gallo told his men to press on, proclaiming that nothing could stop them. Gallo's forces destroyed the shields and then went on to destroy the keep. Rogoe cursed Gallo for defeating him and perished, ending his reign of terror on Naboo.[1]


"No longer will Gungans pound and slave for other Gungs. Weesa will rebuild this place as a city of peace, not war."
―Gallo, immediately after Rogoe's death[1]

With Rogoe's army[1] and the remaining Gungan holdouts defeated,[3] Gallo rebuilt Spearhead and renamed it "Otoh Gunga"; he declared it a city where no Gungans would be ruled by tyrants such as Rogoe. Three thousand years later, the events of the war between the Gungan tribes were chronicled by Gallo's descendant Rugor Nass, who included details of Rogoe's deeds in his recordings.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"Yousa wil never get past mesa shields, puny toy soldiers!"
―Rogoe, jeering Gallo's army at Spearhead — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

Spearhead, the city Rogoe heavily fortified.

Rogoe was green-skinned, and a tyrant who harassed the other tribes for his own personal gain. He was determined to continue the war between the Gungans at any cost and committed several atrocities against the other tribes in order to do so, such as having Otoh Sancture destroyed to ensure Boss Gallo would not become a threat. Rogoe concealed his presence heavily, and many Gungans believed him to be long dead, or even never to have existed at all. However, some individuals who were not loyal to him were aware of his existence, such as Boss Copek of the city Otoh Urs.[1]

Rogoe formed and maintained a large army of militiagungs to fight for him, placing them in patrols across the forests of Naboo and keeping a large number to guard Spearhead. Alongside his Gungan forces the Boss also controlled at least one bursa clan, which he used in his attempt to eliminate Boss Gallo. Rogoe used the wealth he gained in the war to build structures across Naboo, heavily fortifying Spearhead and constructing a forest prison camp. Rogoe adored Spearhead, considering it to be beautiful, and he cursed Gallo when the opponent destroyed it. Rogoe was overconfident in the abilities of the city's energy shields; when they were attacked, he told Gallo that the rival forces would never get past them. Nevertheless, the shields were eventually destroyed.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

"Oh and by the way this is Boss Rogoe"
―Translated Aurebesh text identifying a Gungan as Rogoe[1]

Boss Rogoe was created for the LucasArts video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds,[1] which was released on November 11, 2001.[7] Prior to his appearance in the game, Rogoe was mentioned in Prima Games' accompanying strategy guide by Steven L. Kent,[6] released on November 7 of the same year.[8] Rogoe was created by the game designers after they learned their plans for Gallo's campaign to involve a war with the Human Naboo conflicted with the established canon that both species had never gone to war with each other. Level designer Stephen J. McManus consulted with fellow designer Reed Knight and game director Garry M. Gaber to consider other potential enemies for Gallo before settling on a civil war within the species, with Rogoe serving as a suitably vile antagonist. McManus felt that Rogoe's involvement improved the story, as it "put a face on Gallo's enemy" compared to the faceless Naboo and gave Gallo a more personal motivation.[9]

In Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds, Rogoe only physically appears once, in the introductory clip for the second level of the Gungan campaign, "The Gungan Who Would Be Boss." The image shown in that clip has an Ankura Gungan standing in front of a statue who is identified as Rogoe in the Aurebesh text included in the picture. In the third Gungan campaign level, "Raid on Spearhead," Rogoe's voice is heard. The subtitles in that level do not name him as the speaker; instead, they name him as a Gungan trooper, but the speaker claims ownership of Rogoe's keep, indicating Rogoe as the speaker. The voice actor for Rogoe was uncredited in the game.[1]



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