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«The rest of us Gamorreans speak in complete sentences! Why can't you?»
―Rogua, criticizing Gartogg[2]

Rogua was one of Jabba Desilijic Tiure's nine Gamorrean guards. He took unusual joy in making Gartogg miserable.


Amongst his duties included guarding the main door (with his partner Ortugg) and escorting prisoners to the cells. He was guarding the main door with Ortugg during the arrival of C-3PO and R2-D2. When Leia Organa Solo, disguised as Boushh, entered the palace with Chewbacca, Ortugg and Rogua escorted the Wookiee to prison. Gartogg followed them, wanting to help, but Ortugg and Rogua sent him away. However, the disappointed Gartogg still followed them.[1]

Later, when Jabba tried to negotiate with Boushh, Gartogg tried to ask Ortugg and Rogua if he was allowed to go on Jabba's sail barge, but Ortugg said Gartogg must earn the privilege, while Rogua made fun of him for not being able to speak in complete sentences. When Gartogg came to Rogua and Ortugg after discovering Phlegmin's corpse and planned to solve the murder, Ortugg said he would allow Gartogg to come on the sail barge if the mystery was solved. Later, when Luke Skywalker arrived at the palace, Rogua and Ortugg attempted to block Luke's way, but were both Force choked by the Jedi Knight and lost consciousness. Rogua was one of the Gamorreans who went on the sail barge with Ortugg during the Battle of the Great Pit of Carkoon, where he was killed in the explosion.[1]



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