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Rogue Leader tBoH

Luke Skywalker flying as Rogue Leader during the Battle of Hoth

Luke: "Just lend a hand on that gun and we'll be all right."
Dak: "What about you, Luke? You're the one who just got out of the medi-center."
Luke: "Part of the job. Rogue Flight, take up positions. Wing leaders, form up on me."
Luke Skywalker and Dak Ralter, during the Battle of Hoth[src]

Rogue Leader was a title and call sign given to the commander of the elite Rebel Alliance/New Republic/Galactic Alliance starfighter group, Rogue Squadron. Because of Rogue Squadron's fame, the person holding the title of Rogue Leader was often considered the best active pilot in the Defense Force. Since only one Rogue Leader was ever killed in action—Lensi—and he was shot down by a previous Rogue Leader—Wedge Antilles—this is understandable. Various pilots have taken that position over the years.

While serving as Rogue Leader, Antilles switched to the call sign Rogue One during the Battle of Gall in 3 ABY. The call sign Rogue Leader was temporarily assigned back to Luke Skywalker for the duration of this battle.

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Commander of Rogue Squadron
Luke Skywalker (34 ABY) · Wedge Antilles (4 ABY, 6.57 ABY) · Derek Klivian (7 ABY)
Tycho Celchu (7 ABY) · Wedge Antilles (7.59 ABY) · Tycho Celchu (1018 ABY)
Wedge Antilles (1819 ABY) · Tycho Celchu (19 ABY) · Gavin Darklighter (1928 ABY)
Corran Horn (28 ABY) · Gavin Darklighter (28–between 29 and 36 ABY) · Jaina Solo (40 ABY)
Lensi (40 ABY) · Jhoram Bey (—137 ABY) · Anj Dahl (137 ABY—)
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