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The dark prophecy of Raana Tey and Feln.

The dark prophecy of Xamar and Q'Anilia.

The Rogue Moon Prophecy was a prophecy made by the four Jedi Consulars of the Jedi Covenant's First WatchCircle on the rogue moon of Taris in 3964 BBY. After traveling to the moon the Covenant members envisioned that a red-armored Sith Lord would destroy the Jedi Order; each master also saw their own deaths caused by the figure. Raana Tey envisioned herself surrounded by flames on Taris during the Mandalorian invasion, while Feln saw his death on Odryn. Xamar was leading a Republic fleet against the Mandalorians in his vision when his own vessels opened fire on him, and Q'Anilia saw dead Jedi everywhere while she rushed to save a dead female Jedi on Coruscant. At the time of their visions, their Padawans wore similar suits as the armored Sith. As a result, they assumed that one of their students would fall to the dark side, thus leading to the conception and initiation of the Padawan Massacre. Tey related this prophecy to the Prophecy of the Five that their trainer, Krynda Draay, had long ago seen, believing that their apprentices were the Five.

The first two masters fulfilled the prophecies of their own deaths directly. Raana was trapped by debris and tried to use her lightsaber to free herself, only for a crimelord to misinterpret it as an attack on his friend and blow up the tower under her. Feln destroyed a holy place and the nearby village, and was murdered by his subjects. When Admiral Saul Karath summoned Xamar to join him in his blockade of Coruscant against the lone survivor of the Padawan Massacre, he feared that he, too, would soon meet his appointed fate, and attempted to change it. However, Xamar was later killed by Admiral Karath's ships while storming the Draay Estate, in accordance with the prophecy, due to the fleet's slave circuits having been subverted into doing Haazen's bidding.

The final piece of the prophecy was fulfilled when Q'Anilia poisoned herself when she believed Krynda was dead. In her final moments Q'Anilia told Marn Hierogryph of the prophecy, and Gryph realized that he was "the Sith" who killed them, as he did wear the red spacesuit on The Last Resort.


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