The Rogue Shadow was the starship that Darth Vader's apprentice Galen Marek traveled in. It was built in total secrecy, and many of the personnel and droids who built it perished in industrial accidents or street crimes.[1]


Rogue Shadow crew

Marek, PROXY and Juno Eclipse on the Shadow's bridge.

"I've taken the liberty of upgrading the Rogue Shadow's sensor array. Now you'll be able to spy on any suspect ships across an entire system."
―Juno Eclipse[src]

It shared design elements with many other Imperial craft, such as the Eta-2 interceptor and the starfighters of the TIE series. The vessel boasted an advanced hyperdrive, cutting-edge sensory arrays, and the fastest sublight engines in the Imperial fleet. The ship’s most impressive feature, however, was its experimental cloaking device.[1]

Many aspects of the design were similar to the Scimitar, the Sith infiltrator craft used by Darth Maul.


Over the course of the Rogue Shadow's service, it lost seven pilots.

The ship was piloted by Juno Eclipse, with whom Marek fell in love. She flew the ship to many locations, such as the TIE Fighter Construction Facility over Nar Shaddaa, Raxus Prime, and Felucia, where Galen had fought many Jedi.

Later, when Marek was seemingly killed by Vader, the Rogue Shadow was brought to the Empirical for his escape. However, he saved Eclipse, saying he needed someone to fly the ship. They then began their search for Rahm Kota, who was missing after Nar Shaddaa, following clues from there to Ziost and then to Bespin, Cloud City. Kota said he had a contact in the Senate who had been feeding him information on Imperial targets, but he needed to find something on Kashyyyk. There, Galen saved Princess Leia Organa. Kota also said that her father, Senator Bail Organa, was his contact and went to Felucia to find Master Shaak Ti.

The Rogue Shadow then returned to Raxus Prime, where Marek destroyed a Star Destroyer shipyard. Unfortunately, when PROXY tried to slice into the planet-wide core network, its sentient mind took him over and locked the Rogue Shadow's launch codes, intending to later use it to spread its ideals of order across the galaxy. Marek defeated the Core and restored control of the ship.

The Rogue Shadow arrived on Corellia to witness the birth of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, but it had a quick death when the Empire found the Rebels. Vader presumed Marek dead but Captain Eclipse came to pick him up after a long fall from a cliff. They followed the captives to the Death Star, where Eclipse extracted the Rebels, taking them to Kashyyyk to resume forming the Alliance while Galen sacrificed himself to allow time for the escape. Eclipse and Senator Organa would later use the ship to return to Corellia to salvage PROXY, who had died defending Marek.



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