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Clone Jet Trooper

Rogue Assassin.

The Rogue Assassin was a clone wearing a variation of the Phase II Jet Trooper armor. He worked as an assassin during Imperial rule, commonly being hired by the Empire to track down stormtrooper deserters on planets such as Mygeeto and Dagobah. He apparently had very little in the way of conscience, as he showed no reluctance when charged with the task of exterminating a pro-Imperial regiment of his own kind on Yavin 4.

His personal choice of weaponry usually consisted of a DC-15A blaster rifle, a DC-15S blaster pistol and thermal detonators. He also was adept at using a jetpack.


The Rogue Assassin started his first known mission on Polis Massa, where he was tasked to destroy several IG-100 MagnaGuards acting as officers for the Confederacy of Independent Systems, while the Trade Federation and Techno Union were distracted by an internal dispute. Next, the Alliance to Restore the Republic hired him to kill several Galactic Marines acting as commanders for an early Imperial squad of clone troopers on Yavin 4. The Rogue Assassin was then hired by the Galactic Empire to take out deserted Imperial officers on Mygeeto and Dagobah.


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