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Rogwa Wodrata was a female Holwuff senator of Alliga and the Phelleem sector in the Galactic Republic, before becoming a member of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.


In 22 BBY, Wodrata was one of the leaders that joined Count Dooku at the summit on Geonosis, outbreak of the Clone Wars. At the meeting where the Confederacy of Independent Systems was officially formed, Wodrata sat between Nute Gunray and Po Nudo.

Behind the scenesEdit

Rogwa Wodrata was created to replace Toonbuck Toora, because George Lucas was unsatisfied with the lack of expression of Toora's mask.[1] The character was played by Hilton Howson, and known as "Gatorhead" by Industrial Light & Magic animators.[2] She and Tikkes are the only Separatist Council members to not have action figures made in their likenesses.



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