"Listen to me. I don't know who you are, but I am in possession of a very special set of skills. If you bring my sister back right now, unharmed, then I'll let you go. But if you don't, I promise you, I will track you down. I will find you. And I will make you pay."
―Rojo Trace telepathically warns his sister's abductor[src]

Rojo Trace was a male Human Jedi Knight who served the Jedi Order during the Cold War and was also the brother of Hestizo Trace.


While investigating a crash of a Sith starship on Geonosis in 3645 BBY, Rojo Trace received a vision that his sister was in danger on the planet Marfa. He immediately traveled there to find that she had been attacked and kidnapped by the Whiphid bounty hunter, Tulkh. Tulkh had stolen the Murakami orchid and Rojo knew that his sister Hestizo, a member of the Agricultural Corps, was its guardian as the flower was very Force-sensitive. Trace then pursued leads as to where Tulkh may be headed and he found out from a drunken Bothan smuggler, called Gree, that Tulkh had been hired by Darth Scabrous on Odacer-Faustin. Trace immediately left for Odacer-Faustin and discovered that the planet had been overrun by Sith zombie creatures. However, he knew that Hestizo was still alive.[1]

After quickly dueling Sith Blademaster Shak'Weth, he eventually pin-pointed her location in the library. He entered to find that the Neti librarian, Dail'Liss, had been bitten by Scabrous who was carrying the disease. The Neti had gone insane and had started burning all of the library's scrolls and holobooks. After being captured by the Neti and seeing his memories of his discovery of the Sith temple beneath the library, Trace was able to escape and go after Hestizo. He found her as the zombified Scabrous was ready to kill her. He engaged Scabrous in a duel but Scabrous killed him using mind manipulation and an ancient Sith sword, cutting him nearly in half.[1]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

An able lightsaber duelist, Trace was versed in the fifth form of lightsaber combat; Djem So. His skill was advanced enough that he could temporarily hold his own against such opponents as the Sith Blademaster Shak'Weth or Darth Scabrous.[1]

Trace's primary talent was his telemetric abilities, which led to him being frequently called on to serve as an investigator.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Rojo Trace is based on Liam Neeson's character Bryan Mills from Taken.[2]



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