The Rokak'k Baran was an immense, ancient starship that was the product of Gree technology. Disk-shaped and measuring five kilometers in diameter, the vessel was the only means of travel between the worlds of the Gree Enclave, a small region of space in the Outer Rim Territories governed by the Gree, a species of six-tentacled cephalopods. Requiring a crew of 5,000 Gree to operate, the vessel relied on other Gree devices—such as the Varat'k Snarap and Karkak'k Marek—for defense.


The Rokak'k Baran was a unique example of Gree technology; a disk-shaped starship with a diameter of five kilometers. Although the vessel possessed no traditional weapons, defensive systems, or sensors, the ship did have Gree masters on board with access to devices that approximated these systems. Among them was the Varat'k Snarap, a device that generated wind-like energy bolts, and the Karkak'k Marek, which functioned as a sensor. The Baran possessed a Class Three hyperdrive for interstellar travel, and was able to carry 250,000 metric tons of cargo. Enough consumables to last six months could be stored on board.[1]

Commanded by Rokak'k, the Baran was the permanent home of several masters and 5,000 Gree—a species of six-tentacled cephalopods—who crewed the vessel. 10,000 passengers could be accommodated aboard the Baran, and the fee to travel on the vessel was a small amount for Gree, and in the region of fifteen hundred credits per round trip for aliens. Cargo could also be carried aboard at an extra cost. Passenger launches were used to ferry sentients and cargo to and from the Baran.[1]


Considered to be ancient by the time of the Galactic Civil War, the Baran was commanded by the Gree Rokak'k, and was used as a means of transportation between the various worlds of the Gree Enclave, a small region of space[1] in the Veragi sector of the Outer Rim Territories.[2] As independent travel within the Enclave was discouraged by the Gree, visitors to the Enclave were required to leave their ships on Asation, and book passage on the Baran for transport to other planets. The ship operated a regular circuit of the worlds of the Enclave, stopping at Asation, Lonatro, Gree, Malanose, and Te Hasa in turn. The Baran would spend two days at each planet, then spend a further two days to reach the next destination. The vessel also made one stop at Licha In per year. As the only means of travel within the Enclave, the Baran was the Gree's only way of transporting messages, news, and goods.[1]

In 22 BBY,[3] just prior to the Battle of Geonosis and the outbreak of the Clone Wars,[4] Count Dooku, leader of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, was spotted aboard the Baran while on a trip to the Enclave to negotiate acquiring a solar sail for his heavily modified Punworcca 116-class interstellar sloop.[5] Several years later,[6] the Baran was attacked by a pirate frigate as it made its approach to Asation. The pirate ship lightly damaged the vessel before Master Varat'k could operate the Varat'k Snarap. The Snarap vaporized the frigate with a single energy sweep.[1]

Commanders and crew[]

The Baran was commanded by Rokak'k, a Gree master who—due to his position in charge of the vessel—was regarded as one of the most influential masters in Gree society during his time. Rokak'k personally operated many of the devices aboard the Baran, and had little time for the aliens that traveled aboard his ship. Rokak'k commanded 5,000 Gree, including lesser masters such as Master Varat'k, who operated the Varat'k Snarap.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Rokak'k Baran was first mentioned in The Gree Enclave by Timothy S. O'Brien, an article in the Star Wars Adventure Journal 8. The information was subsequently reprinted in Classic Adventures: Volume Four - The Best of the Journal. The Rokak'k Baran was later referenced in HoloNet News Vol. 531 54, an in-universe news article that was released in advance of Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones to both generate publicity for the film and provide background stories tying the release into the wider Expanded Universe.



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