"Please—call me Roki. Everyone does."
―Rokari Kem[src]

Rokari "Roki" Kem was a female Jessar freedom fighter from the planet Qaras. Following a successful slave revolt on her homeworld against the Minyavish, Qaras became a member state of the Galactic Alliance. Soon afterward, Kem was elected as her planet's representative to the Senate on Coruscant. By this time, however, she had been possessed by the dark side entity known as Abeloth. After the assassination of Padnel Ovin, Abeloth used her powers of persuasion, as well as Kem's popularity, to sway members of the Lost Tribe of Sith and then win the emergency election to become the next Chief of State. With Chief Kem under her control, Abeloth, along with the Lost Tribe, controlled the entire Galactic Alliance. Abeloth's use of Kem's body was causing it to deteriorate rapidly, as she was not Force-sensitive and could not handle the amount of power that Abeloth possessed. Kem was later killed by Wynn Dorvan while she went into a trance for Abeloth to enter the Jedi Temple's computer core, during the Liberation of Coruscant.

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