Rokkna were a species of massive, tentacled sea creatures native to the planet Castilon.

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Bibo's mother, a rokkna

Rokkna had four eyes, six tentacles, and skin colored in a green-blue pattern. Their eyes had hourglass-shaped pupils. Adults were much larger than juveniles,[2] with juvenile rokkna such as Bibo being easily carried in the arms of a humanoid, while Bibo's mother was large enough to conceivably destroy the entire Colossus platform.[1]


In 34 ABY, a young rokkna was found on Castilon[1] in the Karavian Trench.[3] The rokkna was temporarily adopted by Neeku Vozo, who named the creature Bibo. When Bibo's mother went to retrieve her offspring, the Colossus platform was attacked until Vozo returned Bibo.[1] On one occasion Synara San sighted a rokkna from within an escape pod underwater.[4]

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Behind the scenesEdit


Rokkna concept art by Jason Pichon

The rokkna first appeared in "Bibo," a 2019 episode of the television series Star Wars Resistance.[1] Although the species was not identified in the episode, it was named in the Databank on[2] For the episode, rokkna concept art was created by Jason Pichon.[5]



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