"Looks like we found your commandos in an engineering subsection. Get down there and help security root them out before they do any real damage. I've got a battle to win."

The male Rokon served in the Republic Navy as an admiral during the Jedi Civil War. He was incapacitated when Sith commandos infiltrated his flagship over Iridonia and sabotaged the vessel's systems.


Rokon was a male admiral in the navy of the Galactic Republic during the Jedi Civil War. A few months after the start of the conflict, he commanded a fleet in orbit around Iridonia from his flagship, the Hammerhead-class cruiser Champion of Iridonia. During a battle against Sith forces above Iridonia, Sith commandos led by Acaadi infiltrated the Champion. Slightly wounded during the battle, Rokon tracked the interlopers from the ship's bridge and enlisted the help of a group of Jedi who had been on the planet below. The admiral asked them to head to a section of the ship and deal with the Sith, but Acaadi sabotaged the ship's systems thus causing an electrical explosion at the bridge consoles. The explosion killed most of the bridge crew and incapacitated Rokon, leaving the defense of the Champion in the hands of the Republic agents.[1]

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Rokon was a minor ally character included in Iridonian Darkness, a Wizards of the Coast adventure written by Sterling Hershey for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game, which was made available for free online from in October 2008. Although there are alternative paths for the players to take at various junctures in Iridonian Darkness the meeting with Rokon cannot be avoided nor can the players do anything to prevent his later incapacitation.[1]


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