"This parlor and Ord Mantell are now my territory. But if you're looking for work, I might have use for you."
―Roland Durand, to the Bad Batch[src]

Roland Durand was a Devaronian male criminal and the son of the crime boss Isa Durand. Durand was a former client of the information broker Cid, whom he paid to deliver the lizard Ruby to him.[1]


Durand attempted to work with the Pyke Syndicate and forcefully took over Cid's Parlor on Ord Mantell due to the planet's connection to multiple hyperspace routes useful to the Pyke Syndicate. Cid and her employees, the clone mercenary unit known as the Bad Batch attempted a heist to steal the spice that Durand was set to sell to the Pykes, in order to disrupt his deal and remove him from power. Durand learned that the spice had been stolen, he and his men tried to reobtain the spice, a battle ensued causing the spice to be lost. Later he informed the Pykes, who forced Cid and the Bad Batch to retrieve the lost spice. Durand was held by the Pykes, as well as one member of the Bad Batch, Omega, who was used as their hostage until the Bad Batch had retrieved the spice. While being held, Durand told Omega that Ruby did not like many people when his pet snuggled up to her. After the spice was returned safely Omega and Cid convinced the Pykes to allow Durand to live, but they cut off one of his horns as punishment. Durand departed, leaving the parlor back in Cid's hands.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Roland Durand appeared in "Infested,"[1] the thirteenth episode of the first season of the series Star Wars: The Bad Batch, released on Disney+ on July 23, 2021.[2] He was voiced by Tom Taylorson.[1]



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