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"Rolling with BB-8/Resistance on the Run" is the fifth episode of LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars. It was released on Disney XD on December 8, 2018.[1]

Plot summary[]

"Rolling with BB-8"[]

Resistance in peril[]

During the attack on the Resistance fleet, Moxie Freemaker and Ka-Pao watch in distress as the First Order Navy led by the Mega-class Star Destroyer Supremacy destroys a Nebulon-C escort frigate. Moxie asks Ka Pao if this is how the Resistance ends. She adds that this ship only has enough fuel left for one hyperspace jump. He says that it is bad but Moxie adds that it is worse than bad. She asks if it is wrong for her to keep worrying about Roger, wondering if he is okay. He reassures her that Roger is family. Moxie says she wishes she knew where he was.

Prisoner of Graballa[]

At Graballa's Beachside Resort and Buffet in Canto Bight, Graballa tells Roger that he is going to melt him into slag unless he tells him where Anakin Skywalker's Jedi starfighter is. Roger says never and says that he won't go back to Ord Tellarom. Roger is hanging from a chain. He asks Graballa why he wants the starfighter since he will never fit into that ship.

Graballa responds that the starfighter is not for him but is for Kylo Ren. He says that it used to belong to his grandfather Darth Vader. Roger is surprised to learn that Vader had a family. Graballa agrees and says that Vader didn't seem the type. Roger says that if Kylo Ren wants it his lips are definitely sealed or they would be if he had lips.

Graballa is then contacted via holoprojector by Captain Phasma. Phasma asks if he has located Anakin Skywalker's starfighter. Graballa tells her that she has found a droid that can take them to it. Phasma questions his ability to get the information out of the droid and chides the Hutt for his incompetence. She says that she will come to Canto Bight and make this droid talk if Graballa can't.

Graballa taunts Roger that he is the "creepy chromium lady"'s problem now. Baash and Raam inform Graballa that there is an emergency and that a Squib addict did a plop. Graballa grumbles about having to deal with these problems. Baash and Raam mock Roger. Baash says they will make him talk by pounding his processors till he drops his data. Raam adds they will grind his gears till he reveals his secrets. Roger maintains a tough face and tells them he is not afraid of their threats.

An argument breaks out between Baash and Raam over who can be tougher towards Roger. The two butt heads and knock each other out, dropping the holoprojector. Roger says they are as predictable as ever and grabs the holoprojector with his legs.

The call of family[]

Aboard the Raddus's hangar bay, Roger contacts Moxie via holoprojector. He tells her that he is being imprisoned on Canto Bight by Graballa at his beachside resort and buffet. He remarks that it is as tacky as Moxie thinks. When Moxie asks why Graballa is holding him prisoner, Roger tells her that Kylo Ren wants a Jedi starfighter and that he knows where it is. When Moxie asks more, Roger tells her that Baash and Raam are waking up and to hurry up and save him.

Moxie asks Lieutenant Mundu for help in rescuing Roger but he tells her that the Resistance are fighting for their very lives. He denies her request. Moxie claims that Roger holds the key to their victory and that Kylo Ren wants the droid. Mundu says this is nothing to do with her "antiquated pile of junk" and dismisses her. Ka Pao tells her not to worry and Moxie smiles. The two escape in a Resistance transport pod. Moxie thanks Ka Pao for sticking by her and the two set off into hyperspace to rescue Roger.

Rough landing at Canto Bight[]

The two approach Canto Bight and are mesmerized by its bright lights. However, they are pursued by an Upsilon-class command shuttle and two TIE/fo space superiority fighters. Their transport pod crashes into the sea while Captain Phasma bids the Resistance "scum" good riddance.

Moxie and Ka Pao surface with the latter opining that the First Order has beaten them to Canto Bight. Moxie reasons that they are going to get Roger and decides to get to Graballa's resort. At Graballa's resort, a Gamorrean bouncer turns them away because they are not meeting the dress code.

Ka Pao loses his temper and improvises a pole into a stick. However, he and Moxie spot several fathiers at a nearby stadium. Moxie proposes getting hold of some fancy outfits and breaching Graballa's inner sanctum. Moxie asks Ka Pao how many credits he has but he has none. Moxie says she has none and grumbles that nothing is going according to plan.

She says she is not sure what to do next but is knocked to the ground by BB-8. Moxie is surprised to see BB-8 and asks what he is doing here. He tells them that Finn and Rose Tico are here. Moxie says she and Ka Pao haven't seen them and are rescuing Roger or trying to. She explains that Graballa is holding him prisoner but that they can't get into his resort dressed like this and that they don't have enough credits to buy nicer clothes.

Graballa's lair[]

BB-8 dispenses several coins. Moxie thanks BB-8 and says that she is not even going to ask how he got all this. Moxie and Ka Pao use the coins to buy fancy outfits and are admitted inside by the Gamorrean bouncer. Inside the ball room, they find several guests in fancy dress. Moxie reasons that Roger is upstairs and the two walk up a flight of stairs. Moxie distracts another Gamorrean bouncer by telling him that she saw a Nubian eating out of a salad bowl with his bare hands.

Meanwhile, Graballa hands a chained Roger over to Captain Phasma and her stormtroopers and tells him to take the droid out of his hands. Phasma tells him that his services are appreciated. Graballa tells her that he has incurred a number of expenses during his previous misadventure and demands his finder's fee. Yeppau hands her an invoice on a datapad but Phasma throws it aside.

Phasma responds that the First Order takes what it wants and does not pay. She and her troopers draw their blasters. While Graballa and the First Order are distracted, Moxie and Ka Pao enter the room. However, Graballa spots them and offers to throw in a pair of treacherous Resistance fighters. Moxie and Ka Pao raise their hands.

Graballa says that he recognized the scent of a Freemaker and remarks that Hutts have a great sense of smell even though they don't smell great. The stormtroopers "reunite" Moxie and Ka Pao with Roger. Phasma is pleased with Graballa and orders her men to seize the prisoners. Roger thanks Moxie and Ka Pao for trying to rescue him and wishes he could give them a hand or a leg.

Saved by the fathiers[]

Roger detaches one of his legs and uses it to knock out one of the stormtroopers. Moxie thanks Roger for his quick thinking and knocks out another stormtrooper. Before going down, the stormtrooper fires his blaster, bringing pieces of debris down on his comrades. Roger cheers he is safe but Moxie disagrees. The three flee through a set of doors as stormtroopers open fire.

They flee downstairs. The gunfire causes the guests to panic and flee. Graballa cries out in rage as his beachside resort suffers damage including a statue being blasted apart. Phasma jumps over Graballa onto the chandeliers and jumps at front of the Resistance operatives. As her stormtroopers converge around them, she says they will run no more.

Just then, they hear the thundering of hooves. Roger asks if anyone hears that. A herd of fathiers race through Graballa's ballroom. Graballa asks what the fathiers are doing inside his resort. Phasma orders her troopers to retreat while a stormtrooper drags Roger. The First Order forces depart on their speeder bikes and a land speeder. Phasma hauls Roger aboard her speeder.

Moxie and Ka Pao climb on the back of a fathier and give chase as Graballa's Beachside Resort and Buffet falls apart behind them. Graballa rises from the debris with Yeppau and cries that he is ruined. He asks if they are insured but Yeppau says no. Graballa cries in frustration.

Roger's secret[]

Riding on her speeder bike at front of her troops, Phasma fires on Moxie and Ka Pao's fathier. As they turn into an intersection, the Resistance operatives catch up on the First Order stormtroopers with their fathier. The fathier rams into their speeder bikes and throw some stormtroopers off their vehicles. They soon catch up with Phasma's landspeeder but the First Order captain shoots at them with her blaster, forcing them back.

Roger begins narrating Chapter 168, which he calls "The Fathier Flight of Canto Bight." He tells Phasma that he is writing a sequel biography called From Trenches to Wrenches: The Roger Story Volume Two. When Phasma asks if there is a volume one, he tells her that it has been published on the HoloNet and that it goes into detail about each of his adventures.

Phasma plays Roger's memoirs on her holoprojector and asks if it reveals the location of the Jedi starfighter. A hologram of Roger claims he skipped that story but the holobook explains that they had to leave Skywalker's starfighter at a rancor nest on an unnamed planet, which includes the hyperspace coordinates. Phasma thanks Roger on behalf of Kylo Ren before ejecting Roger out of his seat.

Roger lands on the pavement and is picked up by Moxie and Ka Pao. They ask if he is okay. Roger reassembles himself and admits that this was all about a Jedi starfighter. He explains that it was starfighter which belonged to her grandfather "but that which he lost through no fault of his own." He explains that the starfighter once belonged to Kylo Ren's grandfather Darth Vader. Ka Pao is shocked that Vader had a family with Roger adding that he didn't seem like the family type.

Moxie says they need to get back to the Resistance. She contacts BB-8 by holoprojector and asks if he is still on Canto Bight. BB-8 tells them that he, Finn, and Rose are going to disable the Mega Star Destroyer. Moxie wishes the, good luck. Roger tried to comfort them by telling them that the good news is that the Resistance is still alive. Moxie says that they could do with out help. Roger proposes going back to the ship and loading it with weapons. Moxie tells him they don't have weapons or a ship. When Roger criticizes her "slip shod" plan, she replies that she is working on it.

"Resistance on the Run"[]

Assault on Dathomir[]

On the planet Dathomir, rancors battle against the First Order AT-M6 and AT-ST walkers. The rancors rip apart several walkers, causing them to topple. A stormtrooper on the ground tells Captain Phasma they need to fall back because they are taking many casualties. Phasma orders them to press on with the attack since they must retrieve that Jedi starfighter. As a rancor devours a stormtrooper, Phasma spots the Jedi starfighter with her macrobinoculars. She remarks that Roger's autobiography is horribly written but that it is accurate. She boasts that Kylo Ren will soon have his prize.

Leaving Canto Bight[]

Back on Canto Bight, Moxie says she is not sure how they are going to help the Resistance if they can't even find their way off Cantonica. Roger proposes taking a show because it is important to keep the arts alive in these dark times. He says they can also get discounted tickets for the Max Rebo Band. Ka Pao bashes Roger on the head for the frivolous suggestion.

Moxie says that there must be something they can do. The trio find the Abednedo businessman Slowen Lo arguing with a tow truck operator about the cost of moving Finn and Rose's Resistance transport pod. When the tow truck operator refuses to move the pod for six credits, Moxie convinces him to let them get the ship of his hands free of charge. Moxie, Roger, and Ka Pao rebuild the damage transport pod and depart Canto Bight. Roger says that if they survive this, he wants to come back and see the Max Rebo show.

Claiming the Jedi starfighter[]

As the battle rages, the rancors inflict heavy casualties on the First Order walkers and stormtroopers. Phasma manages to collapse a large pillar on top of a rancor and charges forward with a spear. She knocks out two rancors with her spear and reaches the Jedi starfighter before a third rancor can grab her. Phasma then flies the starfighter into a hyperspace transport ring and flies away, leaving her troops behind. As she leaves the planet, she remarks about the things that she does to please Kylo Ren.

Infiltrating the Supremacy[]

Exiting hyperspace, Moxie and her team find the Raddus under attack from the First Order fleet. They witness the Resistance evacuating the Raddus in U-55 orbital loadlifters. Ka Pao says they should fight but Moxie counters that they are outgunned and need something that will change the equation. Just then, Phasma exits hyperspace in Anakin Skywalker's Jedi starfighter, narrowly avoiding colliding with them.

Roger recognizes it as the Jedi starfighter. Moxie counters that it once belonged to her grandfather and that she is taking it bad. She tells Ka Pao that a ship like that could help the Resistance and that they need it. Roger points out that Captain Phasma is about to land it on a First Order Mega Star Destroyer. Moxie counters that they if they don't do this they will be destroyed anyway. She tells them that they have nothing left to lose. Roger agrees with her reasoning while Ka Pao is enthusiastic.

Moxie crash lands their Resistance pod in one of the Supremacy's hangars and are surrounded by stormtroopers. When the First Order stormtroopers inspect the pod, they find it seemingly empty. Two stormtroopers guard the pod while the others go to retrieve a scanner. Moxie and Ka Pao knock out the stormtroopers and steal their armor. They then hand the ship to their "comrades." Roger emerges from his hiding place behind the tail fin and opines that was the easy part.

Moxie and Ka Pao pretend to be escorting Roger as a prisoner. They run into an officer who asks them where they are taking this droid. Moxie mumbles and Ka Pao speaks in the Drabatese. Moxie claims that Ka Pao's helmet took a bad hit on Takodana and that they will take this Resistance droid for interrogation. The officer tells them that interrogation is the other way and tells Ka Pao to get his helmet mike fixed.

While walking down a corridor, Moxie thinks that she sees a disguised BB-8 moving past them but rules it out. Descending down the lift, Moxie says that this turbolift will lead them straight to the Jedi starfighter. They exit only to find themselves in Supreme Leader Snoke's throne room. Kylo Ren and Rey are fighting against Elite Praetorian Guards. Roger asks why Kylo Ren is joining forces with Rey to fight against the praetorian guards. Moxie says she has no idea and they leave the floor on the lift.

Narrow brush with death[]

Moxie realizes she read the map wrong but Ka Pao throws it down in frustration. They enter the starfighter hangar only to find themselves surrounded by stormtroopers. The First Order officer says he recognizes Drabatan when he hears it and removes Ka Pao's helmet. He also removes Moxie's helmet and asks if they were trying to steal Kylo Ren's latest acquisition. Moxie says yes.

The officer taunts them that their luck has run out. Moxie tries to distract the officer but it doesn't work. When he asks what she is doing, Moxie says she is hoping that a stampede of fathiers runs them over but says I guess not. Two executioner troopers ignite their laser axes.

At that moment, Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo rams the Raddus into the Supremacy at lightspeed, fragmenting the Mega Star Destroyer. A screaming stormtrooper is hurled into the vacuum of space. When the First Order officer asks what is happening, a stormtrooper says that the Resistance rammed them at lightspeed.

Moxie says it is not farthiers, but she will take it. She knocks out the officer and a stormtrooper. Meanwhile, BB-8 hijacks an AT-ST and chases stormtroopers while Finn duels with Captain Phasma. Ka Pao shields them from stormtroopers by shooting down several docked TIE fighters in the rack above. Climbing over the wreckage, Moxie spots the Jedi starfighter and tells them to get to it fast.

Dogfight above Crait[]

They climb into the starfighter with Roger sitting in the astromech socket. They escape in the Jedi starfighter but are pursued by several TIE fighters. Unable to maneuver, Moxie detaches the ship from the hyperspace docking ring and swoops behind the TIE fighters, taking them out. She shoots several down and remarks that she now understand why Kylo Ren wanted it. Ka Pao asks for a turn but Moxie says now is not the time.

Roger fires several shots but misses the TIE fighters. They then witness the Millennium Falcon being pursued by several TIE fighters. Moxie realizes that without a fleet the Falcon is the best hope the Resistance has. She contacts Chewbacca via comlink and tells him that they have gotten the TIEs on the Falcon's tail.

The Jedi starfighter takes out two TIE fighters but two more swoop behind it and managed to shoot off one of its vents. Ka Pao tells Moxie they are being pursued but Moxie is unable to shake them off. Roger is unable to shoot straight. With the ship losing power, Roger tells Moxie that for three generations he has protected this family and he is not quitting now.

Roger's courage[]

Against Moxie's protests, he ejects himself from the astromech socket and flies into the path of the TIEs. For once, Roger manages to hit a target and take out a TIE fighter. That TIE goes up in flames and its solar collector collides with the second TIE fighter. Roger is hit by debris.

To honor Roger's apparent sacrifice, Moxie takes out the two remaining TIEs pursuing the Falcon, allowing Chewbacca to fly unhindered into Crait's surface to evacuate the Resistance. Moxie resolves to go save the Resistance but their engines are too damaged. She tells Ka Pao that they don't have enough power to land on Crait and depart the planet. She proposes jumping away before the First Order finishes them.

Ka Pao reminds her of the hyperspace docking ring. Moxie flies the Jedi starfighter toward the hyperspace ring and says that is why she is a fan of the built-in hyperdrive. A damaged Roger, who is flying in space, asks for a ride and Moxie picks him up with the Jedi starfighter. Roger says he feels a little better this way. Several TIE fighters approach them but they dock with the hyperspace ring and jump into hyperspace in time.

Continuing the Resistance[]

Exiting hyperspace, they crash-land on an asteroid orbiting a moon. Moxie contacts General Organa, but is unable to get through. Roger, who has been working on the Jedi starfighter's engines with Ka Pao, tells him to try it now. However, the fighter releases exhaust fumes. Moxie tells them to turn it off.

When Roger asks why they are trying to fix the Jedi starfighter, Moxie replies that the Resistance is going to need it. Roger points out they have heard nothing from the Resistance and speculates that they did not make it off Crait and are gone. Moxie says they would still need that starfighter for themselves even if the Resistance is gone because they are now the Resistance.

Just then the buzzer rings and they receive a message from General Leia Organa calling all members of the Resistance and asking if anyone is there. Moxie introduces herself and her crew and ship. General Organa says that the situation is desperate and that if they are to rebuild they will need all the help they can get.

Moxie says that her family knows how to build. General Organa tells them to meet at a rendezvous point and says "May the Force be with you" before ending transmission. Roger says they need to fix that starfighter. Moxie tells them to reroute the power coupling and to bypass that vector plate. Ka Pao agrees. The episode ends with a wide shot of the moon orbiting the asteroid.


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