The Rols'Kus was a 250,000-seat arena that was located on the planet of Coyn. It was the site of the immensely popular kus'nar gladiatorial games of the Coynites. Since Coynites viewed these combats as sport, they were not to the death unless the loser was unwilling to submit to his opponent. Of course, most combats did last until one of the recipients received a very serious injury, so most "cultured" beings viewed these combats as barbaric.

There were games every night, and during holidays day-long contests and championships were held. As a rule, off-worlders were not usually featured in these combats. Coynites viewed participation in the games as an honor, and many young warriors focused their dreams on being named Tawws'Kroyn, "Most Honorable Champion Warrior." Most of the contests were brawling or melee combats, though there was a target shooting contest for archaic guns, blasters, and bows. Each game was played in a series of elimination rounds. The arena itself was climate controlled and equipped with a holo projection system so that each patron had a perfect view of the action.

During the reign of the Galactic Empire, General Afren Hul, the governor of the planet Derilyn, had an arena called the Arena of Games constructed on Derilyn, which was a copy of the Rols'Kus. On Coyn, many Coynites viewed the new arena with hostility, because they believed that by copying the Rols'Kus, Hul was mocking their combative system of honor.

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