"Roman Herbane. COO or some such title. You'll answer chiefly to him."
Orson Callan Krennic, to Galen Walton Erso[src]

Roman Herbane was a male human who was the Director of the Helical HyperCom facility on Lokori.[1] Herbane had an executive secretary, Li-Tan, that greeted the Erso family when they first arrived at the Helical HyperCom headquarters in Fucallpa. Galen Erso barely had any positive interactions or a relationship with Herbane as he wished for more freedom as a researcher than provided. Herbane also refused his request for the HH shield to be expanded to cover more of Fucallpa. Herbane lost a limb during the final battle and invasion of Lokori in 19 BBY and replaced it with a synthskin prothesis. HH would eventually offer Galen to replace Herbane's role as chief operating officer. Galen declined the offer, both because of his lack of administrative skills and his desire to oversee his own research.[1]

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