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«This is bigger than one tribe of Ewoks. Tomorrow’s battle will affect all Ewoks. So all Ewoks should have the chance to join in.»

Romba was a male Ewok from Endor. A hunter, he once slew a boar-wolf, and then fashioned a knife from one of its teeth. One night, upon returning from hunting, Romba found that his village had been burned by the Galactic Empire, whose troops had come to Endor to build a shield generator and a troop base. Since his whole tribe was dead, Romba became a refugee, and he ended up finding shelter in the Bright Tree Village, led by Chief Chirpa. After a few heroes of the Alliance to Restore the Republic befriended Chirpa's tribe, Romba was one of the many Ewoks that took part in the ground operations of the Battle of Endor, during which the Alliance defeated the Galactic Empire. Through their triumph, Romba won justice for his lost village.[1]



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