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Romort Raort was a sadistic criminal from the planet Irith. Raort eventually joined with the Elaginn gang, a group of spice-jackers, and was responsible for tracking down the spice smugglers from whom the group stole. He murdered the leader of the Elaginn gang, Elaginn himself, and took control of the spice-jacking group. Under Raort's control the group flourished and made deals with the neighboring Hutt clans. Though Raort wished to take over the entire operation for himself, he was quite content making people suffer at his current job. Raort performed many of his spice-jacking runs by disabling targeted ships with a stolen ion cannon and selling their crews into slavery. By 10 ABY, Raort and his group had settled down on Nar Shaddaa, Nal Hutta's largest moon.


Romort Raort grew up on the planet Irith,[1] a polluted and overcrowded world located on the Ootmian Pabol hyperlane in Hutt Space.[2] As a youth, Raort bullied other children for their lunch money and reveled in the suffering of others. Eventually, he fell in with the Elaginn gang, a group of spice-jackers headed by a man named Elaginn. As a spice-jacker, Raort's job was to track down spice smugglers and lay ambushes for them while their ships were docked.[1]

In a bid to usurp power, Raort murdered Elaginn, flexi-pasting the gang leader to a chair and defenestrating him. Raort wrote off Elaginn's death as an accident and took control of the gang, claiming it to be Elaginn's wish. Raort was soon able to build the gang up enough to become one of the largest spice-jacking rings in Hutt Space.[1] He made deals with the Hutt clans, which allowed him to operate along most of the major galactic spice routes,[3] though he still wished to branch out. He realized that he would have to wait years before he had developed enough influence to challenge the Hutts.[1]

Raort had contacts in the port authorities of dozens of worlds, making his job fairly easy. These resources enabled him to see where large shipments of spice were headed at any given time. Using an ion cannon he had stolen from a group of Rebel gunrunners, he attacked ships still in dock and stripped them of their cargo while readying their crews for sale into slavery.[1] By 10 ABY, Raort and his group were based out of Nar Shaddaa, the largest moon of Nal Hutta.[3][4] He was quite unpopular among the rest of the underworld community, since he had stolen from many of them. Still, nobody dared to cross Raort, because his group was notorious for exacting swift vengeance against its enemies.[3]

Personality and traitsEdit

Romort Raort had only one pleasure in life: seeing other people suffer. He enjoyed his job as a spice-jacker because it allowed him to inflict cruelty on others. Through determination and foul play, Raort was able to take control of the Elaginn gang. Raort was also a very patient being, willing to wait years to take over the Hutt spice-jacking ring. He was adept at basic capital ship operation and knew how to perform torture. He typically wore a breather blast helmet with a set of blast armor, an ammo bandolier, and a modified blaster rifle.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Romort Raort first appeared as a background character in the third issue of the Dark Empire comic book series in 1992, written by Tom Veitch and illustrated by Cam Kennedy. He was later identified and given a full background in the 1993 Dark Empire Sourcebook, written by Michael Allen Horne. The character's backstory was also expanded upon in the 1998 Star Wars Encyclopedia.



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