Romwell Krass, Junior was a male human Imperial Security Bureau agent who served the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War. He was stationed at a black-site prison on the Hyborean Moon. Krass had a family consisting of his wife Yileen Krass, his son Qarwell Krass, and his father Romwell Krass Senior. Following the Battle of Endor, Krass' family was killed during a New Republic attack on the Hyboeran Moon. Krass managed to escape into hyperspace and roamed the galaxy, mourning the death of his family. While visiting Maz Kanata's castle on Takodana, a drunken Romwell attacked a New Republic starfighter pilot. Kanata's droid Emmie broke up the fight and locked them in the dungeons. Taking pity on Romwell, Kanata told him to find peace less no good come to him. Romwell accepted Maz's advice and left Takodana on his starship.


The Hyborean MoonEdit

Romwell Krass Junior was an Imperial Security Bureau agent who lived during the Age of the Empire. He was the son of Romwell Krass Senior, the husband of Yileen Krass, and the father of Qarwell Krass. Prior to the Battle of Endor, Krass was stationed at a black-site prison on the Hyborean Moon. Krass regarded the Hyborean prison as a cushy posting and arranged for his friends in the Galactic Empire to have jobs there. He and his family lived in a comfortable home on the shore of one of the hot spring lakes.[1]

In 5 ABY,[2] Romwell's comfortable life came to an end when the New Republic, the successor to the Rebel Alliance, sent a small fleet to attack the Hyborean Moon. Romwell's family was killed when the New Republic ships bombarded the Imperial housing structures. Krass barely managed to escape with his life as New Republic forces stormed the prison. He fled into hyperspace on a ship before the rebels could disable the ship.[1]

Romwell contacted the Imperial capital Coruscant only to learn that the Bureau there was under siege as a result of the Coruscant civil war. Romwell promised to show up and provide support. However, he was too grief-stricken to report for duty and instead wandered throughout the galaxy on his ship. While Krass was frequenting Maz Kanata's castle on the planet Takodana, he drank alcohol in order to cope with the loss of his family.[1]

Trouble on TakodanaEdit

One day, Romwell witnessed a New Republic pilot and his girlfriend listening to a song from Minlan Weil and the Tam-honil Three. Overcome by rage, a drunken Krass attacked the pilot. Due to his intoxicated state, the pilot's girlfriend outmaneuvered him and punched him in the nose. The pilot then grabbed his ankle and threw him against a chair. When the New Republic pilot began punching him with his fists, Romwell spat his own blood in the rebel's face. He then threw the momentarily blinded rebel against a table.[1]

Before Krass could finish the fight, Maz Kanata's droid ME-8D9 intervened and separated Krass and the Republic pilot. When the droid warned him that he had violated the Castle's law and that castigation was now imminent, Krass retorted that he would violate it again. ME- 8D9 then electrocuted Krass, knocking him unconscious. When Krass awoke, he found himself in Maz Kanata's dungeons. After vomiting, Krass crawled to the door and called for help. The New Republic pilot replied that they were in trouble with Maz Kanata. The two then began insulting each other about Imperial and rebel atrocities during the Galactic Civil War.[1]

Maz Kanata then entered the dungeons to talk with the two trouble-makers. When the rebel pilot apologized for his actions and blamed Romwell for the fight, Romwell denounced the rebels as brutes. Kanata then ordered the two to be silent and ordered Krass to come closer to her. Through the Force, Maz saw the pain in her eyes. While recognizing that he had experienced loss and regret, she warned him that he had caused pain and loss to others as well. She added that the scales are balanced.[1]

When Romwell asked what she mean about the scales and her people, Maz responded that the Empire was dead for the moment. However, she prophesied that the corpses of the Empire would birth new creatures. Taking pity on Krass, Maz told him that he was free to go but warned him not to return to her castle. She also advised him not to share his pain with the rest of the galaxy but to find inner peace less no good come to him. The New Republic pilot agreed to leave but on the condition that Krass left first. Romwell obliged and quickly departed Maz Kanata's castle for parts unknown. After Krass had left, Maz announced that she would travel the galaxy for a while on the ship Stranger's Fortune.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Romwell Krass Junior was an Imperial Security Bureau agent who worked at an Imperial black-site prison on the Hyborean Moon. Krass loved his wife Yileen and his son Qarwell. Krass believed that his son would make an excellent ISB officer. As an ISB agent, Romwell hated the Rebellion and caused much suffering and pain to the rebel prisoners at his prison. Krass was grief-stricken when his family were killed during a New Republic attack on the Hyborean Moon. Consumed by grief, Romwell abandoned his duties and turned to drinking. Krass' inability to cope with his grief led him to attack a New Republic pilot on Takodana. Despite his dislike for aliens, Romwell respected Maz's advice that he find peace and come to terms with the loss of his family.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Romwell Krass Junior first appeared as a secondary point-of-view character in Chuck Wendig's 2016 novel Aftermath: Life Debt, the second book in Star Wars: The Aftermath Trilogy.


Notes and referencesEdit

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