Rondo was a male prospector who was married to Marani during the Galactic War. Rondo's lungs were damaged after time spent in on the volcanic world of Mustafar. Shortly before the Battle of Rishi, Rondo arrived at the planet Rishi and began meeting with traders in the settlement of Raider's Cove, but a local pickpocket stole his trading gems. Rondo unsuccessfully chased the pickpocket into the slums under Raider's Cove, where he heard rumors of exonium deposits on the nearby islands. Rondo proceeded to hire a local guide at the Blaster's Path cantina, but the guide led him to the Aggressor, where Rondo was enslaved by the Nova Blades pirates and their leader, Dael Margok. Rondo managed to escape by jumping out of the pirates' ship before they reached Slave Island, and he survived on the ship's metal door until he was rescued by the native Rishii, and on Sky Ridge Island he met a prospector who gave him directions to a nearby cave that supposedly had deposits of exonium—but Rondo was scared off by the noises from within and accidentally stumbled upon the Order of Revan's operations on the island, where he met his death.


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