"There are no great stories told about drones that fought their way home with vital information, or rose above themselves to complete a perilous mission,. You're there because you can make a difference. That's what I'm asking of you--make a difference, and make sure the job gets done. That's why there is a Twenty-first Recon Wing. Pilots--to your ships! I'll see you all on the other side."
―Rone Taggar[src]

Lieutenant Rone Taggar was a male Human who served as the commander of the 21st Recon Group of the New Republic Fifth Fleet. His mother had been the Rebel pilot of a Y-wing during the Battle of Endor, where she was shot down by the Imperials and died. He would later name his Recon-X starfighter Jennie Lee after her.

During the Black Fleet Crisis, when the 21st Recon Group was sent to scout the Yevethan worlds within the Koornacht Cluster, the lieutenant was assigned to cover the capital world of N'zoth. The Yevethan homeworld. In orbit, his fighter's scanners detected multiple Galactic Empire Star Destroyers, Aramadia-class thrustships, the Executor-class Star Destroyer Pride of Yevetha, and also the shipyards of Black Fifteen. Its scanner readings were relayed by the R2-R unit of the Jennie Lee directly back to Coruscant, where they were reviewed by Chief of State Leia Organa Solo and multiple high-ranking military commands. It flew a constant trajectory while using braking thruster maneuvers.

However, before it could complete the last thirty seconds of its recon scan, his fighter was hit by ion cannon fire from the Yevethan corvette Beauty of Yevetha. Eighty-nine seconds later, it was reeled in by tractor beam. Rather than being captured, Lieutenant Taggar wiped all the data from the Recon-X's computers, detonated his R2-R unit, and then self-destructed his fighter. The explosion killed him and destroyed both the Jennie Lee and the Beauty of Yevetha.



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