"Owning something irreplaceable…something truly unique… it's a rush. And the only thing that makes my blood sing more than owning something precious… is being the last person to touch it."
―Ronen Tagge[2]

Ronen Tagge was a human male member of the House of Tagge, a powerful family of the Galactic Empire.[2] He was the son of Adelaide and Felix Tagge, and the nephew of Domina Tagge,[3] who ensured he received anything that he wanted. Tagge liked to collect rare artifacts or artwork solely to destroy them. Tagge badly wanted to possess the legendary Rings of Vaale and hired mercenaries to capture the rings for him.[2]

Rogue archaeologist Doctor Chelli Aphra, who had also attempted to acquire the Rings of Vaale, destroyed Ronen's penthouse, nearly killing him in the process.[5] After the near-death of her nephew, Domina placed a bounty on Aphra. The archaeologist was captured by sniper Just Lucky and bounty hunter Kharrek and delivered to Domina, who ordered Aphra to infiltrate De'Rruyet Industries.[6] Ronen was left horrifically scarred, but alive.[4]

Sometime later, Tagge became loyal to the cause of the criminal syndicate Crimson Dawn, and along with its leader, Lady Qi'ra, decided that Domina's time as the leader of the Tagge Corporation had come to an end, and plotted to overthrow her. Tagge eventually recruited the crew of the smuggler Sana Starros to join his cause after rescuing them from a near-death encounter with the Spark Eternal. Tagge insisted that they were henceforth indebted to him, and after considering their options, the crew agreed to assist him, although Starros suggested they kill Domina instead of simply overthrowing her.[4] In reality, Starros had only been out to acquire proof of Tagge's treachery against his aunt. Following an assault on Domina's flagship, the Acquisitor, Tagge was able to defeat Domina and bragged about his allegiance to Crimson Dawn, taunting Domina about the apparent end of her leadership of TaggeCo. However, Starros and her crew then revealed that they had double-crossed Tagge and were working with Domina. Having proof of Ronen's treachery, Domina slew him with her protoblade, saying that his parents Adelaide and Felix would not be able to protest her decision given the proof of his treason.[3]

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Ronen Tagge first appeared in the first issue of the 2020 comic series Star Wars: Doctor Aphra (2020).[2]



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