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"Your daughter is safe now."
"Do you really believe that?"
―Ahsoka Tano and Cad Bane, to Roo-Roo Page's mother[src]

Roo-Roo Page's mother was a Gungan female who lived in Jan-gwa city on Naboo during the Clone Wars.


She had a Force-sensitive child named Roo-Roo who was identified on the Kyber memory crystal as a potential candidate for Jedi training. Around 22 BBY, Darth Sidious hired Duros bounty hunter Cad Bane to abduct Force-adept children. Roo-Roo was one of four picked to be abducted by Bane. However, the Jedi had identified the youngling as a potential target and captured Bane when he attempted to take the child.



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