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The Room of a Thousand Fountains was a massive seven-story greenhouse located in the First Knowledge Quarter[1] within the ziggurat base of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. The room was serene,[2] designed by a cadre of supremely talented botanists and artisans, it was packed with exotic flora and fauna from across the galaxy.[1] It was one of many chambers used by the Jedi Order to facilitate deep contemplation of the Force,[2] and used as meditative retreat for Jedi.[1]


The warm, humid, and eminently comfortable space smelled of flowers, greenery, and rich, wet soil. Dense copses of green and golden-leafed trees, lush green shrubs and grasses, towering bromeliads, and flowers of every conceivable shape and color filled the soaring greenhouse. Countless birds, butterflies, and insects flitted about, while the constant bubbling of brooks, chatter of fountains, and rush of shallow waterfalls provided a soothing, almost hypnotic soundscape to accompany the natural beauty.[1]


Walking paths of dirt, crushed gravel, and ornate cut stone crisscrossed the floor of the room, and mezzanines and cat-walks offered a series of elevated viewing terraces. Benches and small gazebos were scattered throughout the space, providing comfortable places for rest, meditation, and friendly gatherings. The vast dome of the ceiling contained a sophisticated holoprojection suite programmed to simulate a day-and-night cycle complete with sunrises, sunsets, sculpted clouds, and the night skies of a hundred worlds.[1]



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