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The Roonans were a sentient species from Roona.

Biology and appearance[]

Roonans were short, bipedal humanoids with blue, almond-shaped eyes. They possessed two wide hands with five digits each, each digit being roughly the same length. They possessed fairly large, oval heads with wrinkled skin and small ears. According to C-3PO, Roonans had tiny teeth.[1]

Society and culture[]

Most Roonans were considered highly particular, and saw the slightest mistake as a deep insult.[2]


Roonan Jedi Master Halsey, who fought during the Clone Wars.

The Roonans were members of the Galactic Republic. During the last years of the Republic, Roona was represented in the Galactic Senate by Senator Edcel Bar Gane.[3] Even before the Battle of Naboo, Gane had voiced concerns about Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum's actions and their impact on the stability of the Republic as early as 33 BBY. He believed that Valorum's perceived ineffectiveness would further divide the myriad politicians of the Senate to extremes. Subsequently, when Queen Padmé Amidala moved for a Vote of No Confidence for Valorum, Gane seconded the motion, which was resoundingly successful.[4]

During his time on Coruscant, Gane allied himself with the influential yet corrupt Senators Orn Free Taa, Passel Argente, and Toonbuck Toora, and was a supporter of then-Senator Palpatine.[5] Despite his alliance with Taa, Gane vigorously disagreed with his fellow Senator following the bail-jumping of former Senator Tikkes, who had joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems. He believed that Tikkes was not guilty of the charges against him, but rather had fled Coruscant to avoid the same fate as Senator Aks Moe.[6] Gane continued to serve in the Senate up until, and possibly through, the Clone Wars.

Around 22 BBY, a Roonan was a Match Master employed at the BlasTech Gikosphere on Coruscant. He presided over Team Coruscant's game against Team Fondor in the opening round of the Galactic Cup of Limmie. He interrupted the game after Fondor had taken a commanding lead.[7]

During the Clone Wars, another Roonan Senator, Aang, was an important member of the Senate Military Oversight Committee.

One Roonan named Halsey was a member of the Jedi Order.[8] He attended a meeting in the Jedi Temple communication center in which General Grievous informed the Jedi High Council of his capture of Jedi Master Eeth Koth, though he did not join the rescue team.[9] Halsey later took his Padawan, Knox, to protect the contested Temple of Eedit on Devaron. They were soon attacked by Savage Opress, and though Halsey attempted to stop the Zabrak warrior, both he and Knox were killed.[10]

The trade center CorusMall on Coruscant was operated by Roonans.

Behind the scenes[]

Concept art of an "alien Jedi," upon which the Roonans' appearance was based

The Roonan species first appeared, albeit unnamed, in the 1999 movie Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace.[3] Their appearance was based on concept art for an "alien Jedi" that was drawn by Terryl Whitlatch around January 7, 1997, during production for the movie. By May 9 of the same year, the alien Jedi had already evolved into Edcel Bar Gane, as seen on a later sketch—also drawn by Whitlatch.[11] They were only identified as Roonans in 2010, in the StarWars.com episode guide for "Grievous Intrigue" is the ninth episode of Season Two of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series.[8]



Concept art of Aang, a Roonan senator, for "Evil Plans"

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