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"Eat, eat. Hot. Good food, hmm?"
―Yoda, while serving Luke Skywalker rootleaf stew[src]

Rootleaf stew was a meal that the Jedi Master Yoda used to prepare during his years of self-imposed exile on Dagobah. It consisted of a mix of roots and swamp weed[2] that was left to boil for ten minutes, and had a sour taste.[3] Yoda notably prepared root-leaf stew the evening that he met Luke Skywalker, who would then become his Jedi apprentice.[1] According to Skywalker, the stew had the consistency of boiled brains, and its smell reminded him of a garbage depot in the hot season on Tatooine. Nevertheless, it did not taste as bad as it looked.[2] When Skywalker stayed with the Ewoks of Bright Tree Village on Endor, he was served a dish of root stew, which he found "not quite as bad" as the one prepared by Yoda.[4]

Strono Tuggs had a version of this stew that wasn't as pungent as the traditional version. He included the recipe for it in his cookbook.[5]

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