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A facsimile of the hearty soup eaten by Jedi Master Yoda on Dagobah

"Eat, eat. Hot. Good food, hmm?"
―Yoda, while serving Luke Skywalker rootleaf stew[src]

Rootleaf stew was a favorite meal of Jedi Master Yoda during his exile on Dagobah. It was a staple of his diet, supplemented by yarum seeds, mushroom spores, galla seeds, and sohli bark. Yoda prepared rootleaf stew the evening that he met Luke Skywalker.

Sometime following 0 BBY, a facsimile of rootleaf stew was available to spacers throughout the galaxy. It appeared to be made of a rich assortment of the swamp planet's unique flora. However, it was in fact made from fiberplast.[2]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

In an unusual promotional campaign for the Empire Strikes Back radio dramatization, National Public Radio hired Craig Claiborne, a renowned chef and food critic, to create a version of rootleaf stew that could be made with ingredients originating from Earth. The recipe was published in newspapers and magazines across the United States.

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