"I can sympathize with a former-foe who has discovered that he was doing the wrong thing for what he thought were the right reasons. But all who have died in this war believed they fought for what was right."

Rootrock was the General of Nosaurian rebel forces fighting for the Confederacy of Independent Systems on New Plympto during the Clone Wars.


When he was young, Rootrock witnessed a Jedi confronting six raiders in his village. The Jedi pleaded with the raiders to surrender, and decimated them in seconds when they refused.

At some point, he became a General of his species. When New Plympto sided with the Confederacy, due to their promise of repairing the rikknit egg market, he led his soldiers against the Republic forces.

After Bomo Greenbark encountered Dass Jennir while on patrol, he signaled his comrades to come to his aid. Soon, after Jennir had explained the circumstances of Order 66 to Greenbark, Rootrock and his soldiers captured the Jedi. After returning to their camp, he spoke with Greenbark and allowed the Jedi Master to live, as he understood the situation Jennir found himself in. Rootrock provided Jennir with a ship to return to Coruscant on the promise that Jennir would return to fight against Imperial occupational forces. He had doubts that Jennir would come back, but hoped that the Jedi's honor would compel him.

Jennir did, in fact, return to New Plympto. The Jedi became a General of the Nosaurian rebellion, along with Rootrock, though they seemed to be fighting a lost cause. General Rootrock was shot and killed by Imperial forces at the Cleansing of New Plympto, the rebellion's final stand.



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