"High-tech ultra-pacifist civilization. Expertise in computers and Droids. All visitors must report to Off-Worlders' Quarter Starport."
―Ropagi System Datafile[src]

Ropagi II was a planet in Kira sector, on the Enarc Run. It was an endpoint of the Kira Run and was home to two native species.

Description[edit | edit source]

The planet had two continents, named Forethought and Afterthought[4] and the poles were covered in large ice caps.[2] A notable feature was the low gravity and the great flatness of the plains-covered landmass. It was said that no point exceeded more than 20 meters above the sea level.[4]

The average temperature of the planet was around 25°C and did not vary much over the year.[4]

The planet had one moon.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

Early History[edit | edit source]

"NOTE: Ropagi II is hiring skilled mercenaries for guard duties, freighter escort and general security functions. Good pay."
―Ropagi System Datafile[src]

The planet was home to two native species: The near-human Ropagu and the long-lived Kalduu. For as long as around 4000 BBY, the Ropagu had been constantly at war with each other and the land was divided in around forty-five nations. Each nation had different goals and agendas.[4]

The Kalduu eventually contacted the Ropagu and used their mental powers to subtly influence their thought patterns. With this, both species began a symbiotic relationship: The Ropagu gained insight in the Kalduu intellect, while the Kalduu consumed the bacteria and germs off their host's bodies.[5]

The Ropagu's society evolved into a peace-based one. Military training and methods were abolished and discussions became the mean to solve conflicts.[4] While the more future-oriented philosophers resided on the continent Forethought, the more history-focused Ropagu lived on Afterthought. The two factions developed a rivalry and tended to look down on each other.[6] The Ropagu also became very skilled in technical skills, such as droid maintenance and computer programming.[2] A monorail network connected the cities on Forethought and skyshuttle service ran between all the planet's cities.[7]

While the Ropagu considered themselves above physical conflict, they still saw the need for armed forces. The Ropagu began to hire off-world mercenaries for security.[2] With the system being along the well-traveled Enarc Run, Ropagi II became rich due its large natural resources. The planet also became the largest market for mercenaries. However, all off-worlders were restricted to a single city, called Off-Worlders' Quarter, and several orbital platforms, which spared the planet the hazards of industrial pollution. While hiring mercenaries, the import of weapons was strictly forbidden and carried a sentence of two to twelve years of confinement.[4]

With the establishment of the Kira Run in 70 BBY, Ropagi became known as one of the "Twin Stars of Kira".[8]

Imperial era[edit | edit source]

"One terrestrial planet, Ropagi II, under nominal Imperial control."
―Ropagi System Datafile[src]

During reign of the Galactic Empire, the planet was one of the numerous member worlds. The Empire, however, rarely intervened in Ropagi II's politics.[2] Defense of the planet was handled by Leesa One-Eye and a space force of six Y-Wings. Even after the Battle of Endor the Ropagu had not decided whether to support the New Republic or the Empire, but they would service both sides of the war.[2]

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

A male Ropagu and a Kalduu.

Ropagu[edit | edit source]

The Ropagu were a race of near-humans with pale white skin, pink eyes and dark hair. They had a very fragile body and moved with cat-like grace. While their bodies were not suited for war, they were once locked in eternal conflict between different nations. Once the Kalduu began influencing the Ropagu's thought patterns, they became a peaceful race. Living in symbiosis with the Kalduu, the Ropagu now cherished peace, intelligence and discussions above everything else.[4]

Kalduu[edit | edit source]

The Kalduu were a long-lived non-humanoid race of telepathic beings. They had a hemispherical body and four tentacles. They moved by floating, often in complete silence.[9] They shared a symbiotic relationship with the Ropagu, after they had manipulated them four thousand years ago. The Kalduu could use their telepathic abilities to communicate with themselves, forming a group mind, or with outsiders. These links could last for over a day.[5]

Locations[edit | edit source]

Arena of the Mind[edit | edit source]

This was a sacred place for the Ropagu, where intellectual debates could be held. It was an amphitheater with seatings for over 10,000 people. Most of the speakers were Ropagu, but off-worlders were sometimes invited as well.[10]

Great Library[edit | edit source]

A huge complex located at the edge of the city of Ebyl, it contained detailed recordings of the history of Ropagi II as far back as around 10,000 BBY. The staff consisted of numerous 3PO-series protocol droids and anyone was welcomed.[10]

Off-Worlders' Quarter[edit | edit source]

Technically not a quarter, but a city on its own, it was located in a large natural bay on the continent of Forethought. All off-worlders had to report here before being cleared to the rest of the planet. The famous mercenary markets were also located here, as well as a starport, cantinas and casinos.[7]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Ropagi II was first created for the roleplaying supplement book Twin Stars of Kira by West End Games. While the planet did not appear in any of the published adventures, it was elaborated upon in an extra chapter, written by John Terra. The planet was mentioned again in West End Games' Alien Encounters, wherein both native species received an entry.

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Notes and references[edit | edit source]

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