"Ropagi system, yellow-white star: Ropagi. One terrestrial planet, Ropagi II, under nominal Imperial control. High-tech ultra-pacifist civilization. Expertise in computers and Droids. All visitors must report to Off-Worlders' Quarter Starport."
―Ropagi System Datafile[src]

The Ropagi system was a three-planet system in Kira sector of the Expansion Region. The primary was the star, Ropagi.


The Ropagi system was located in the Expansion Region in the Kira sector[1] and was one of the systems that made up the Enarc Run. Via a short hyperlane, called the Kira Run, the Ropagi system also connected the Enarc Run with the Harrin Trade Corridor.[4] Neighboring the Ropagi system were the Roldalna system and the Pax system. A starship equipped with a Class One hyperdrive could reach Roldalna within thirty-nine hours and Pax within two days and eleven hours.[4]


Ropagi was originally home to the war-like near-Human Ropagu, but that change when the Kalduu manipulated them to a more peace-like behavior. Since then, Ropagi became a center of philosophy and pacifism. To protect themselves, the Ropagu also began to hire mercenaries for all their security purposes, making Ropagi II one of the largest mercenary markets in the galaxy.[6]

The Ropagi system was rich with natural resources. The Ropagu gained their wealth without the usual ravages of industrial development. Indutrial zones were restricted to only one city and orbital stations.[6] With the establishment of the Kira Run in 70 BBY, which connected the system with the Harrin Trade Corridor, this economic prosperity even increased.[7] Ropagi, the sun of the system, became known as one of the "Twin Stars of Kira."[8]

Orbital bodiesEdit

The Ropagi system had three planets. Two of them were close two the sun, while the last one was relatively far away. Some astronomers suspected that there were originally two more planets in the system, but had no evidence to support this claim.[6]


The closest planet to the sun was Elpoor, a desolate searing rock.[2]

Ropagi IIEdit

Ropagi was the main planet of the system, having a population of over one billion beings and was home to two native species, the Kalduu and the Ropagu. A terrestrial, pristine world, it home to philosophers and poets and one of the largest mercenary markets in the galaxy.[2]


The last planet was Seltaya, a remote ice world, which has served as a pirate base for the Telak's Terrors, which plagued the Enarc Run under the command of Kird Telak.[5]

Behind the scenesEdit

While Twin Stars of Kira placed the system in the Expansion Region, Wanted by Cracken mentioned a planet called Seltaya and placed it in the Mieru'kar sector in the Outer Rim Territories. Both sources described Seltaya as an ice world and homebase to a group of pirates. This contradiction was solved with the publication of The Essential Atlas, which retconned the Seltaya from Wanted by Cracken to be Seltaya Major in the Seltaya Major system and Seltaya from Twin Stars of Kira to be Seltaya Minor (or Ropagi III) in the Ropagi system.[3]



Notes and referencesEdit

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